6 Ways to Clear your Energy

Energy is always moving, coming, going. Getting stuck, freeing up! Sometimes we feel it, we recognise the movement of energy within us and around us. We have days when we feel uplifted and days when we feel sluggish.

Why? Well it is down to your energy levels and how you recharge or clear your system.

Here are a few way you can clear negative energy.

  1. Wash Hands with Cold Water: Washing your hands is a great way to clear off dirt – agreed! Well, used the same principle as a technique to intentionally wash away any negativity that may be lingering. I recommend this to people who have client after client and feel wrecked at the end of a days work. After each client wash your hands.  The cold cold water will cause you to get present with the sensation in your hands, therefor getting your energy back into your body.
  2. Clap your Hands: Sound and action clear stagnant or unwanted energy out of a space or room. If your rooms are feeling a bit low or eerie go in and clap your hands to shift the energy of that room. Likewise, excess energy at the end of a day can be clapped out of you!
  3. Stamp your Feet: Same as above, this action moves energy that may be blocked. Clear it out and get grounded by stamping your feet. Or if you are in a place where that might look like a childish outburst then tap your feet to clear yourself of what which is bothering you.
  4. Air the Space: Fresh air is a great one to clear your space. All rooms, office spaces and cars should be given a good flush of fresh air daily. The same goes for your head… when you are stressed or emotional or something just doesn’t feel right, then get out for some fresh air. Walk along the coast, breath fresh air into your lungs, clear your head. Even a drive with the windows down can help too!
  5. Salt Bath: Showering is an obvious way to clean yourself of negative energy. But taking a salt bath (if you have the luxury of a bath in your home) is the best way to clear and balance your electromagnetic field. If you don’t have a bath but want to get a similar result then just have a foot bath, with ½ cup of Sea Salt or Epsom Salts and warm water.
  6. If all else fails… SAGE! Sage is an excellent cleanser. You can buy large dried bunches of it in health food stores, or those nic-nak shops that sell incense, meditation pillows and Chinese lanterns. Sage smoke works on clearing negative frequencies, have an open window so the smoke can carry outside. Again fresh air after this helps too!

Clearing is a great tool for balancing all chakras, especially the Throat Chakra. As the Throat Chakra is a filter or the chakras above (insight, intuition and thought) and the chakras below (raw emotion, beliefs and interactions). Want to learn more about the Chakras? Or for more about how to clear and balance your energy check out the Chakra Yoga Workshops and to book your place in the next workshop click here>> EVENTS



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