A poem or a piece on Energy, Light and Colour in Space

Our Universe is moving energy, light and colour in space.

Watching nature, we view it as linear time – days, months and seasons… but our Universe is always playing. Always moving. The elements dance with each other, creatively making art in the sky, on the ground, all around.

This creative force cannot be quenched. It is alive and thriving. This is the nature of the Universe.


We are beings of light, we come in all shapes and colours. We are moving energy, light and colour in space.

Our space is this Universe. We are the same, we are one.

We choose to be creative, moving our energy around in a way that we desire. We impact the beauty and energy around us, we create our own world within the Universe.

And just like the Universe, this creative force that can produce beauty can also be destructive. Neither one is right or wrong. Just two halves of one.

Cycles of energy, come and go. Light and dark swirls all around us. There is no beginning or end. Only creation and destruction. It is just another form of energy moving, light and colour in space.


Inspired by this video

We are one

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