Balancing Breath

Have the scales tipped? Are you feeling a little frazzled and overstretched? 

This will help rein it all in to perspective.


Have you lost your mojo? Feeling lethargic and sluggish? Get all systems firing with this simple breathing exercise.


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Nadi Shodhana Pranayama – (Sanskrit term for Alternate Nostril breathing exercise or more precisely: nadi = subtle energy channel, shodhan = cleaning, purification, pranayama = breathing technique)

As the Sanskrit translation describes it is purifying or balancing the channels in your system.

This exercise with harmonise the left and right, the logical and creative mind, the masculine and the feminine aspects of your personality. I highly recommend this exercise when emotions are getting the better of you. Especially around the time of a Full Moon. But don’t wait until it is too late…. and you need it to prevent a mini meltdown.

Try incorporate this into your day. Let is be your waking meditation, or your way of soothing your system before bed. Perhaps you find yourself needing it at mid day when work load it piling high. The more often your practice the quicker it is to find the balance, the less overwhelmed or under motivated you will be.


Video: Balancing Breath



Sit comfortably. Spine straight. Shoulders relaxed

Use your dominant hand, close the right nostril

Inhale through left nostril for a count of 4

Cover left nostril and Exhale out right nostril for a count of 4

Inhale through right  for a count of 4

Close right nostril and exhale out left nostril.

— That is 1 round.

REPEAT a minimum of 10 rounds ( recommended 20)

Do this in morning noon or night :0)


Recognise what side you are predominantly breathing from. Still breath through both sides, but focus on what is leading.

Left is calm and relaxed – good for sleep and relaxation, reading, and writing – this is the creative side so great is drawing and designing or planning.

Right is energising and active – good is your are working and logically solving problems, digesting food, and actively carrying out a demanding task.

Neither one side is better than the other. Ideally you want to breath equally through both sides. But naturally your breath will alternate between a dominant side throughout the day. I have often checked in with my breath and been surprised at how it naturally leads through the side I need the most. Active upon waking (right), restful before bed (left), or notice that when eating are your calm, and mindful, and then for digesting your need more oxygen and active energy to assist the breakdown and assimilation.


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