Chakra Analysis & Distance Healing

    What is Chakra Analysis?

Chakra Analysis is a process of scanning your chakra system, in person or remotely. Then working on intuitive energy healing and techniques to heal and improve and balance chakra energy.

I do this Chakra Analysis as part of all my in-person energy healing sessions, and I can offer this service remotely too, via skype or email.


     What is Distant Healing?

Distant healing is a form of energy healing. It is a process of sending energy to another – after all energy is not just physical, if anything it is more potent in its subtle form. Distance healing is sending good energy, healing energy to a person, place or thing.

Anyone can send energy with good intention.  It is a lovely gift of an energy boost. We automatically do this when we think fondly of someone or ‘send our best wishes’ to them. The difference with distance healing as a service is that I spend more time focusing on the energy I am sending.

What do I do?

I  go into deep meditation and tune into what is needed – I intuitively tap into the person’s subtle body (energy) and ascertain what areas need healing, just as I would with an in-person session I will meditate on healing that energy flow. I will also give you a guided meditation and guide you through some exercises to help your energy. I will inform you about your reading after. Any information channeled through with be offered as tips, exercises and meditations to follow through with the energy healing. This will all be delivered to your inbox in the form of a personalized report, jam-packed with information, tips and advice!

What do you need to do?

Be willing to receive and be open. I will ask you to take some time to meditate or relax, or take a nap! This helps you receive the distance healing. Your intention is on relaxing and opening up your channels of energy. If we are on Skype I will guide you through a relaxing meditation. If via email I will ask you to take time out to meditate or listen to a guided meditation at a specific time.

We will converse via Skype or email.

For a Full Session:

You will receive a full Chakra Analysis and Distance,  an oracle card reading with my interpretation, a guided meditation & breathing exercise, and tips to assist your energy healing.

Length of sessions can last from 50 mins to 70 mins. My own time for each session is longer as I spend time meditating before and writing a personalized report after.


Full Session Chakra Analysis & Distance Healing: Cost €70  Purchase with PAYPAL


To schedule a session connect me by email.


 What others have said:

“I am very happy with the energy healing and thank you. Everything you worked on and feedback is 100% true.” – J

“Thank you so much for your time and for your knowledge you are sharing with me… It was very interesting and important for me to find out oracle cards reading as I’m in the situation at the moment to make important decision in my life. I was happily surprised about my Chakra Analysis.” – E

“Thanks so much, Danielle! This all makes sense!” “It was very revealing!” – A