Chakra Steps: Base Chakra & Earth Energy

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Base Chakra & Earth Energy

Grow from Uprooted to Grounded

When life turns upside down some people thrive on the fresh soil, they love to get their nails dirty and go digging – cultivating their new land. Others can grieve the loss of the old and resent the new because they do not yet feel the opportunities this land has yet to offer. Neither way is better, each has its upside. Great cultivating of the land is also done with the strength of character that has learnt to respect the cycle of life and the stages one must go through in order to experience that. below I share with you a few steps to help enforce that character building phase!

When I left Dublin at Christmas I guess part of me was apprehensive, but I was non-the-less excited about a new venture with my husband in London. Before I moved to the ‘big smoke’, I spent time in Portugal (my parents emigrated from Dublin too in Oct of last year) so this was essentially my new family home. I got the bulk of my book written then and moved to London in February. I had no idea where to lay my roots, not even my back up roots in Dublin – as they too were removed.

Some may think that my love of being a nomad (years spent travelling around the world and backpacking in Asia and the likes) means I am a natural at settling in new environments, but I will tell you now, that is not the case. The two are very different. Travelling brings easy change but nothing is permanent – there is a sense of union with the traveller and the road it travels, yet a sense of separation to the roots it must lay –  it is connected within. There is great freedom, and also impermanence.

I love traveling to new countries, experiencing cultures and the freedom of traveling, as I said, is totally exhilarating for me. But actually trying to set up a life in a new city scares the hell out of me. Having to lay new roots, get settled and integrate is my challenge. So here is what I have used to help me get grounded in a new environment.

These tips can be used for anyone going through a time of change: A new job, new 
house, or new country. A change to your family or community also needs grounding – 
so for those with a new addition to the family (new baby), or a loss of a family 
member, a change to your community or a fundamental health shift that requires a 
restructuring, the following can be of some assistance.


Fresh soil. When everything is new, what do you do?

The lease of new life, and the prospect of what’s to come. It may feel exciting, it may feel overwhelming. Regardless of your emotional stand point – and I rarely say that – action needs to happen. A first step needs to take place so you can start to lay a new foundation.

It may also be daunting step and fear can cloud our judgement. The pot of new soil has just a seed in it. Nothing has sprouted yet. Will this be a fertile opportunity? Can I grow here? Do I want to plant a seed here?

If fear takes over, you have to fight through it, or it will consume you at this early stage. It is very common to feel fear in a new situation, new territory, and new community. Your habits and structures need to be rebuilt. A foundation needs to harden and set for you to feel stable under foot.

Those first steps may be taken and retaken many times until you feel steady underfoot. Remember to be patient with this phase as the ‘soil is still soft’ it is easy to sink and let insecurities rise when no foundation is in place.

Top tips for improving your Base Chakra & Earth Energy:

  1. Cultivate Patience:
  2. Reap from Repetition:
  3. Grow a Supportive Community:
  4. Nurture your Purpose:

Cultivate Patience: go slow, be kind (to yourself and others) and keep trying. Trust that what you need will come to you at the right time. Give time to rest and time to move forward. Accepting this time with patience.

Reap from Repetition: gain a foundation and structure with routine. Form simple daily positive habits that remind you to stay on track. If anything those simple personal habits are key to your own success.

Grow a Supportive Community: build up relationships with others that give you an outlet. People give the greatest support, without realising it, they are forming a structure for your life. Be there for others too.

Nurture your Purpose: set tasks that help you achieve your larger goal. Small tasks that are achievable should also be rewarded. Simple rewards build confidence and encourage more growth.

New soil is not always easy to cultivate, it takes time, tolerance and mindfulness. Be sensitive to your own needs, there will be days of total rest needed, especially if this is a challenge to you. Rest is vital to recuperate and recharge the mind and body, after all – all the new stimulation can be overwhelming, give your body time to catch up with the new – patience.

When you accept that not every day will be a push day, or even a forward day, some days you may not see great improvement but the hope is not lost and the fear does not take over then you have learned to accept the ‘phase of the seed’. It may seem like it is just wallowing or waiting in the darkness of the soil, but there is tremendous growth taking place within. Trust this process.

Your simple daily habits build the strength you need to grow. Whether it is meditation, affirmation, prayer or body movement (yoga, fitness or a simple walk around the block) each day you honour its purpose, rather than resent its reason.

I have often found that the quietest of habits form the strongest foundation. The internal prayer, the morning meditation, the repeated affirmation feeds to body to actually move. The movement of your body encourages action on other levels and soon your foundation is in firmly in place. The initial habit may now be unconsciously but always guiding you on your way. Appreciate each day and what it teaches you.

I will conclude with one of my most favourite quotes that has helped me with my Base Energy:

“Our body is our property and it is our duty to take care of it. Just like the farmer who keeps a watchful eye on his fields in order to encourage them to flourish, we can be watchful to maintain a healthy body and a radiant frame of mind. Every patch of land has its little inadequacies. So do we. We are not here to judge; we are here to understand and to adapt”. Jean Pierre Barral

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