Chakra Steps: Sacral Chakra & Lunar Energy

These Chakra steps are designed to help anyone climb the ‘chakra ladder’ up and along the new path they have found themselves in. Read the Intro Article here>> and recap on the Base Energy here>>

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These tips can be used for anyone going through a time of change: A new job, a new 
relationship, a new house, or new country. A change to your family or personal 
relationship -or for those with a new addition to the family (new baby), or a 
loss of a family member, a change to your fundamental health (physical, emotional 
and/or mental), a shift that requires a a creative and nurturing approach...the 
following can be of some assistance.

 Step 2: Sacral Chakra & Lunar Energy

Learn to Appreciate and Nurture this Cycle

Often, once new land (base energy) has been laid and grounded, we become impatient and want to see results right away. We want the cement to dry so we can walk on our new path, but your path requires both clay and water – and time to dry before you can step on it. We want to skip a step – we try to jump from stationary to proactive – even when we don’t recognize what we are creating yet from this new land. This is where we tend to get stuck in the ‘cement’! We forget that there is a cycle to our own fruition. This cycle, or the next step in the ladder of our chakras is asking for us to treasure and appreciate the present moment. To nurture our inner self and be creatively conscious.

It is an energy (feeling/moment in time) where our emotions can quite easily get the better of us. The skill to passionately and creatively nurture what you have now is rewarding, use each opportunity to perfect that skill. This time (energy/feeling) can also present the opportunity to learn how to appreciate the small things, which helps your growth/wellbeing at each phase. Without this step you will flounder when you need to put yourself out there because you do not know how to honour your inner findings – that gem that exists within you that passionately creates your reality – your emotional self.

We are all emotional beings – yet our emotions do not have to define us. It is our choice, they can if you want them to. Or they could just be considered landmarks that have guided you in directions up to this moment, but they are no longer your baggage on your journey. Let go and drop the weight of your ‘emotional bag’ and appreciate what they have taught you. Your gratitude is very liberating, you can realise that your emotions are not you, yet you honour them like they are a wise elder.

When I had a major wobble and tried to swim against the current – I was pulled under. I tried to be this person I thought everyone expected me to be. I pretended that everything was fine, I made happy comments and smiled because I felt it was not acceptable to admit my true feelings. I gritted my teeth even when I knew I was not honouring myself in the now. I was drowning. But what was worse was I was pretending that I wasn’t because of the shame I felt from revealing my true feelings. I was not honouring myself – I was hiding.

When my astrology teacher informed me of my own progressed lunar phase (I am in a New Moon phase), a light bulb went off in my head and I found this helped me to finally appreciate and nurture the phase of the cycle I am currently living out. Instead of rushing through it and feeling uncomfortable where I was, I had to teach myself to do my best with what I have. I had to become mindful to minimise my complaints, to let things be as they are and to appreciate this phase. It is hard, but what is pulling me through it is that I don’t want this phase to pass and find I have not learnt from it – only to repeat it again in order to learn the lesson all over! Not so cool!

“And in time, this too shall pass…… ~Proverb



Linking to the phases of the Moon is a great analogy because we can observe the actual lunar phase, in the night’s sky, and appreciate it.

The phases of the lunar cycle are:

  • The New Moon (Dark Moon) is the beginning of the lunar cycle: – symbolic of a new beginning, the seed in the soil, the death of the old or the conception of the new. New territory. The ‘phase of the seed’.
  • Followed by a Waxing Crescent (growing): – symbolic of a time for tweaking, adjustment and still new challenges arise. The first soft stem has peaked out from the fresh soil.
  • Then the First Quarter Moon: – actively building, a corner has been turned, half-way point, feeling the sense of strength building.
  • The Waxing Gibbous (almost full): -symbolic of a time for fine-tuning, almost there, put your best front forward.
  • The Full Moon (bright in the night’s sky): – symbolic of the flower in full bloom, fulfilment and accomplishment. You can bask in the full light of your accomplishments.
  • The Waning Gibbous (declining): – like the waxing gibbous there is a need to refine. Symbolic of time to let go, drop what is no longer needed. There may be regret or dissatisfaction that needs to be addressed and noted for enhancement at the next round.
  • Then the Third Quarter Moon: – symbolic of a time of maturation, lessons have been learned – time to share your wisdoms with others. Become the wise maven teaching from experience.
  • Followed by the Waning Crescent: – symbolic of a time of reflection and retreat. A closing down or wilting phase. Moments of withdrawal and contemplation.
  • And then back to the Dark of the Moon (New Moon): -the rebirth from the darkness. The rise from the ashes.

REF: The Progressed Lunation Cycle:


Top tips for improving your Sacral Chakra & Lunar Energy:

  1. Hydrate Yourself with Appreciation:
  2. Passionately Nurture:
  3. Honour the Phase of Another:
  4. Melt the Dark with Total Presence:

Hydrate yourself with Appreciation: If you are thirsty for something – Be grateful for what you have first as that will quench the need for more. That need is what is restricting you from hydration or from actually receiving what you want & need.

Passionately Nurture: Nurture your desires, be creative and let your emotion spur you on. This can work in reverse too: nurture your passions. Don’t stifle your inner self, let it be free to be – you can learn a lot when you give yourself permission to be free.

Honour the Phase of Another: Of course each of these statements are to be applied to yourself – so honour yourself. But equally apply each of these to others too. Honour and respect others – the may be on a different phase of their cycle and need a helping hand or can be a great teacher for you.

Melt the Dark with Total Presence: When we get pulled into our shadows (shame, guilt and complaints etc.) and lurk there it may feel like a nice wrong thing to do (like spending a day wrapped in your duvet) but it is not serving anyone, especially yourself. Be present, be that feeling, that emotion, hold a space for it, honour it and grow from it.

At first, I did not know how to really embrace that shadow aspect – this was the biggest learning curve for me – but I taught myself to. Each person will have their own way of dealing with it too, so I am not saying my way is the only way – but it did align with how I felt at that time and how I felt honoured. I had to accept my emotions but not force change, I had to roll with it. Let that wave take me… or rather embody that wave that was consuming me. >>You may remember my article on the Solar Eclipse a while back -the moment realised I had to becoming the wave<<

This analogy of become that wave or embracing the Dark Moon phase was tremendously empowering for me. When I finally embraced where I was, I released my own inner resistance. The resistance I held toward my true self – my true self at that moment in time. Each passing day emotions come and go, I cannot fight it, but I also cannot let them define me. They define a time in my past. A time I have or still am learning from. My cement path ahead my not be dry yet but I am starting to really appreciate this creative time of growth, and I am happy there is not too much light shining on it yet…. I am letting it build from within, which I will share in next week’s post.

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I must reiterate that I choose to embrace my shadows and live them (as messy and ‘not nice’ as they were to be with or live with) I felt I had to do it in order to really learn from them. I made that choice. I chose to go there and face each moment, to conquer my own fear and from there I chose to take a step up. I feel that if I skipped that step I would have been cheating myself – my true self. I would have been dishonouring my chance to actually grow.

With the Base Energy you can use your daily habits to support yourself, simple movement cultivate your grounding. Grow that seed in the soil with patience and trust. And now with this Lunar Energy – your choice to appreciate and give gratitude towards the present moment is like the water that hydrates the seed and fertilises the soil. Don’t skip this step – it is vital to your own progression.

I will conclude with not one but two of my most favourite quotes that has kept me in check with my Lunar Energy:

Advice from the Moon

“Live life to the fullest. Be someone to look up to. Don’t be phased by difficulties. Take time to reflect. Enjoy a little space. Repose in the dark. Honour the cycles of nature. Light up the night!  – Unknown

“If you are feeling lonely, look up to the Moon. Someone somewhere is looking at it too!” -Unknown


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