Chakra Steps: Solar Plexus Chakra & Solar Energy

These Chakra steps are designed to help anyone climb the ‘chakra ladder’ up and along the new path they have found themselves in. Read the Intro Article here>> and recap on the Base Energy here>> or the Lunar Energy here>>

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 Step 3: Solar Plexus Chakra & Solar Energy

Turn self-sabotage into self-determination

The Sun in our solar system radiates its energy – heat and light – which produces growth on our Earth. Every living being gains sustenance from the Sun. The Sun creates movement of our planet, within the surface, the air and atmosphere and in our seas and oceans. The Sun regulates climate on a global level. The Sun’s rays are visible and invisible – we are aware when the sun shines we feel its warmth on our skin, we see the light enhancing our spaces, we enjoy the glow of the Sun, we bask in it for pleasure and replenishment. Yet, the Sun is invisible also, we are not always consciously aware of its effects. It has become more widely recognised now about the impact UV rays have on us, and slowly the talk of solar flares that are proving to affect our planet are now being recognised to affect us too on an energetic level.

So let’s bring it back in, what if I said you have a Sun like quality within you? Your own Solar Energy emanating from your Solar Plexus Chakra located near your diaphragm, in your upper abdomen. This energy is responsible for your growth, action and interaction with your surroundings. In essence, your Solar Energy is regulating your inner and outer environment – or the climate of your own ‘planet and your solar system’ on a comprehensive level.

With your Base Energy is solid, your Lunar Energy is fluid – this Solar Energy being active, produces your personality based on your structure and emotional essence. Your character is displayed. The Solar Plexus like the Sun in invisible and visible. The Solar Plexus Chakra presents our face, or perhaps more accurately the mask we like to wear in public. We can easily portray the person we want to be by projecting this sunny side of ourselves – this is what is visible. But our Solar Energy is also invisible just like the Sun. And our real self can be felt by others when we interact. This can be a good thing, if your mask is shy but your inner Sun is radiant – your presence is felt and perceived as a warm and pleasant. If the face you ware matches the energy you hold within then you come across as genuine. On the other hand if the inner energy is contrasting with the outer front then this can be picked up by others and sensed as a false persona. For example, some people over use their Solar Energy and play a dominant force which may be masking an insecurity. This is why it is important to keep a check in with our Solar Energy, because if we are not being true to ourselves then it is really only us we are fooling.

To develop this energy – the ability to be a decisive, productive and radiant person – we need to focus on who we truly are, what we are capable of, what we want to be and how we can do that. The key to manifestation lies in your hands. This Chakra Step is all about harnessing the proactive energy, if you are unable to be firm and concise with yourself you are only leading to self-sabotage. Be proactive and choose to transform harmful actions into beneficial actions that are prosperous for your self-determination.

“Awareness is like the Sun, when it shines on things, they are transformed.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I have not always known what I want, but when I do and I take action on it I am filled with a great sense of satisfaction. I am sure you can find a scenario that you can personally relate to here too – accomplishment and achievement of your desires fills you with great happiness. But what happens when things don’t go your way? This too happens on occasion as we are not lone rangers, we live in communities and societies, and we live with family and partners. Our decisions are also based on our consideration to our surroundings. This is the interaction our Solar Energy deals with and this is where most of our challenges arise when relating to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

When things go in a different direction do you reject it or act on it? Does it enlighten you or stifle your fire?

Fire is a great analogy here, if it enlightens you, you can be greatly motivated and strive for success, your interaction with others is effortless, and you enjoy getting out and doing an array of things. If your fire is stifled it is difficult to make a decision, your fire is not very productive, you may not feel like you have the energy to be active, to get out and do that basic array of things. This can have a knock on effect on your projection of yourself and of the environment you are existing in. Without fire to keep you warm you feel alone and in the dark. But this is a self-sabotaging mechanism, only you can relight your inner fire, only you can produce the heat to feel good, only you can choose to feel your own Sun shine. It requires self-determination, and a repeat of the top tips for the Solar Energy (see below).

 “The Sun is Alone – But it still Shines” ~ Source Unknown


Top tips for improving your Solar Plexus Chakra & Solar Energy:

  1. Know your Boundaries:
  2. Make Decisions:
  3. Take Action:
  4. Be Radiant:

Know your Boundaries: Who are you? What are you capable of? What do you enjoy vs. dislike? Once you are aware of your boundaries you can be limitless within your own realm. Boundaries are not to restrict but rather to regulate and offer direction. Being directionless is a waste of your energy.

Make Decisions: The first step to actually working with your energy – make a choice! It is easy to stay on the fence, keeping all doors open, but it means you never get to leave the hall or play in the field! You can always decide to go back over the fence – but that first step in activating your power lies in your ability to be decisive.

Take Action: Without action nothing can be manifested. Act on your choice. Once a decision has been made follow through, see it out. Taking action can be very rewarding especially if you follow through to see a completed product or result. Don’t think about it – do it!  Let your heart lead your actions, why the reason why you are taking action. Take action with a full heart!

Be Radiant: Find that peace within and let it shine – in other words – smile, be happy, choose to laugh and have fun. Life is for living. It is up to you to see the silver lining, for you to enjoy the small things, it is a mind-set – choose happiness. Only you control that mind-set. Empower yourself and be radiant.

Think about mimicking the Sun. Know your purpose (the Sun knows his); do your best to live up to your purpose (the Sun doesn’t try to be anything but itself); living your purpose creates motion (the Sun moves our planet and regulates climate), when you produce and manifest growth you enhance your purpose –you feel good, you radiate joy and smile with contentment. By aligning with your inner Sun you find the time to enjoy it and bask in your own light. Not only do you benefit from your inner Sun but others enjoy being in your presence as your glow is warm and pleasant.

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Just like the comparison I have been using with the Base and Lunar Energy – the seed began its journey in the dark soil and learned to carve its path in the earth. Then it began to absorb the water it felt and was a malleable shoot peeking out of the soil – learning to twist and bend in order to grow. When the shoot embraces the sun light it takes energy from its surroundings and coverts that into self-sustaining energy so it can grow – with growth it produces more energy for itself and for its environment – learning to become stronger, interdependent and independent.

Without nurturing your supporting foundation (physical body, home, family, community) you can lose your footing, without honouring the acknowledgement to your emotions as a guide you can be engulfed and drown. Likewise, without recognising and respecting the choice you are empowered with you will burn out.

Sometimes situations don’t go to plan but this step teaches us that you only can control yourself and choose how to react. That is your responsibly – it may feel like a burden at times, but it will also offer a great sense of liberation. Again if in need follow the Chakra Steps:

With the Base Energy you can use your daily habits to support yourself, simple movement cultivate your grounding. Grow that seed in the soil with patience and trust. Then with the Lunar Energy – your choice to appreciate and give gratitude towards the present moment is like the water that hydrates the seed and fertilises the soil. I mentioned how vital this step is last week. NOW, you have come to a point where you can harness your inner fire – start to actually make decisions that drive you forward. Taking action. This is where you start to really feel your power being put to good use.

I will conclude with a great quote that will remind you how important it is to respect this energy:

                                       “Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will rise.”                                             Regardless of the weather – seek the warmth from within and bask in your own light.

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