Chakra Steps -7 part series

I am back in London following a wonderful long break at home in Dublin, Ireland.

It was so great to be back to host my yoga workshops and offer healing sessions to clients (I have missed you all so much) It was so great to reconnect! Each and every one of you invigorated the energy in me!

While home in Dublin, I got to cherish my girlfriends and reignite that bond of sisterhood. I was also very proud to attend my parent’s charity event for St Michael’s House – where my sister Jill attended (She lived til she was 11 years old with Edwards’s syndrome) – it was very heart-warming to see their friends come together for them not just for that night but to acknowledge the 25th anniversary of this wonderful event of support.

I also hit a big milestone – I turned 30!! Yay!!!

I always dreamt of turning 30! Sounds odd, I know, but I always felt that I would know where I was going by that age. That life would miraculously fall into place! Reality check….. it hit the fan when I realised I felt more unstable than ever before and I felt my whole world had crumbled steadily over the last few months.

Ok so I may not be exactly on target but I am not totally lost either. Having gained a lot of insight over the few years and months, the next ones to come can surely only get better. I stumbled, or rather fell flat on my face lately, as I am not great when it comes to settling in a new big city, and walking away from my wonderful students and clients was completely heart breaking! So, London has been a personal challenge, let’s just say, or a test to practice what I preach!! I have the skills to turn this around so now I just have to apply them.

During the last four months I have been immersed in writing my book, which I am in love with and cannot wait to share with you. But as I prepare to hand it over to an editor next week I am finally lifting my head for a gasp of much needed air and I am realising how far I have let myself drift from where I wanted to be.

I want to share with you 7 steps that can pull us off track and 7 corrective steps that can improve it (and similar situations) to enhance our wellbeing. These steps are representative of the 7 chakras and reflect what I am teaching in my upcoming book too.


Over the next 7 weeks I will share the following:

  • From uprooted to grounded Base Chakra
  • Learning to appreciate and nurture the cycleSacral Chakra
  • Turn self-sabotage into self-determination – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Release judgement and embrace unconditional loving –Heart Chakra
  • Review your self-expression, but express the truth –Throat Chakra
  • Be in the moment, see the silver lining – Brow Chakra
  • Don’t lose hope, have faith. And ask for guidance – Crown Chakra

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I love using the chakras as a guide – like a ladder, that we can use to climb up and guide us on the next step to take. Learning and understanding the chakras is a great way to show where the imbalance is occurring, why it is and how to correct it. This is what I do in the Chakra Analysis and Energy Healing service.

The trick is:   Do we take the action needed to correct it or do we resist and restrict a way out?

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