Chakra Yoga Workshops

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Saturday 6th Sept    3pm – 5:30pm 

Grounding and physical, strong practice helping to clear blocks about family or money. Big focus on balancing poses, inner stability and physical steadiness. This will assist in connecting to the now, being present and balanced.

Sacral Charka – Sunday 14th Sept 11:00am

The Sacral Chakra is all about emotions, our senses and how we feel energy – tapping into lunar energy (our own innate cycle of energy) is a great way to listen to your inner voice. This is gentle, soft flow and a blend of Yin Poses. Get cosy and stretched at this one. 

Solar Plexus  Chakra  – Sunday 21st Sept  11:00am

Heated dynamic practice to get our fire burning. Our Solar Plexus deals with our social connections, our willpower and drive. When you have this one in balance the energy can be shared all around for a healthy glow. Off balance you may be lacking self-esteem, lost that joie-de-vivre or even the opposite, a bit bossy, egotistical and not respecting your boundaries.

Heart Chakra – Fri 26th Sept 6:00pm

Heart Chakra Flow is so beautiful, if you love vinyasa flow this is it. Opening the heart and expressing yourself through movement.

Throat Chakra  – Sunday 5th Oct 11:00am

Back bending and learning conscious movement that helps us speak our truth, become independent in our action and thoughts and help you with expression of ideas. Entering into vulnerable states and trusting your body, expressing yourself with open and strong movement.

Crown & Brow Chakra  – Sunday 12th Oct     11:00am 

An uplifting inverting practice, bringing the energy that we harness up and  connecting to our greatest self. This will open you up to your intuition and awareness, give you mental clarity and awaken your imagination.


What are Chakras?

‘Chakra’ – comes from the Ancient Indian Tradition meaning ‘Wheel of Energy’

They are the organs of our subtle body. They send and receive energy to and from the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. The chakras are associated with different glands and the endocrine system, the nervous system, breathing and reproduction and physical organs, body parts, emotions and mental thinking. They link to all parts of our body and life. Learning about the Chakras will enable you to understand more about your body’s health and can help you to restore and enhance your energy flow. We are human – here to experience life so there will always be ups and downs and this is why we need to always work on ourselves and our Chakras. It is the key to getting through life.

There are seven main chakras located along the central channel, spine to top of the head. Each of the seven main chakras interacts with the other in a different way, as energy flows between each of them they will react differently.

 About Danielle & the Workshops

Danielle has extensively studied the chakras, they link to many areas of her life – The Chakras play a large role in yoga, energy healing and also from her days as an interior designer – colour therapy.  Chakra Yoga Workshops  are uniquely designed by Danielle they include a talk about the energy body and the Chakras, a yoga sequence designed to elevate the energy and calm the excessiveness of that particular Chakra, Pranayama (breath work) and a guided mediation.

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Root Chakra – Red

Become centered and release insecurities with Balancing Yoga and Goal Coaching

This workshop will work on balance and grounding, lots of strong poses to work the legs and build heat. Working on the Root Chakra helps your ability to overcome feelings of insecurity and release your fears. It allows you to feel strong in your body and value life. If you feel sluggish, heavy, stuck in life or perhaps spaced out and find it hard to make commitments join me in this workshop to bring balance and strength to all aspect of your being.

Sacral Chakra  – Orange

Release Emotions by opening your Hips and Mind – Deep Hip Openers

This workshop will work on releasing emotions, opening the hips and finding flexibility in body and mind. It will be a yin based workshop, a slower pace holding poses longer to open the hips. We will be focusing on calming the mind by meditation and breath work. Working on the Sacral Chakra increases your ability to overcome feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness. Do you want to feel connected to life’s flow, be happy and comfortable with yourself? Believe you are entitled to happiness and life’s pleasures. If you are overly emotional, sensitive this will be great for you. Also if you are too controlled and avoid simple pleasure of life then join me in this workshop to open up your hips to life’s flow!

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

Strengthen your Power Centre with Twists and Core

This workshop will work on core strength and twists, tapping in to your personal power, having fun and boosting the digestive system. It will be an active class, vinyasa flow based with sequences to enhance your self esteem and boost your metabolism. Working on the Solar Plexus Chakra gives you the strength to transform your life, enabling you to turn over a new leaf. If you have a short fuse – prone to temper tantrums, have digestive problems or perhaps you lack energy and stamina and feel powerless then why not twist and boost your power centre in this bright and fun workshop!

Heart Chakra – Green or Pink

Open your heart to love and healing

This workshop will help to open our emotional body to giving and receiving. All Chakras are important but the Heart Chakra is know to be the centre of all healing, our love centre. It will be a vinyasa flow based workshop, a strong style to release tension from the shoulders and to open the heart centre. Working on the Heart Chakra increases your ability to be compassionate and understanding. We release feelings of sadness or negative emotions that we are holding onto. Do you want to open your heart to you full potential – To Love and Healing? This beautiful workshop will assist you in finding emotional balance. It will strengthen your ability to forgive. Learning Love for your Self and others in healthy relationships.

Throat Chakra – Blue

Express yourself and release the fear with backbends and chanting

This workshop will work on back bend preparation, letting go of fear and open the body to allow free and honest expression. It will be a mixed class of yoga poses to open the front and strengthen the back of the body, learning the basics of back bending. Also working on chanting – a vital part to unblocking the Throat Chakra. Working on the Throat Chakra is our communication centre. It enables you to listen deeply as well as speak with conviction, speak from a place of truth that will not cause offence. If you are finding it tough to express yourself or don’t feel you are being hear, or perhaps you are unable to really hear the messages being communicated to you, this workshop will help to open and balance this centre. Leave fear behind!!!

Crown & Brow Chakra – Violet and Indigo or White 

Strengthen your intuition with Inversions and Meditation

This workshop will be focused on deep meditation, the power of breath and learning the basics of inversions. Inversions are a necessary part of any yoga practice. Inversions have many physical benefits…Reducing effects of gravity on the body, improve blood circulation, improve lymphatic system and many more! They also aid peace of mind – once mastered the inversions are a pose that when held for long periods of time with correct breath can alleviate fatigue and detox the blood. Spiritually these poses help to move and clear block in the nadis(the channels in which our energy is carried). At the end of the day these poses are all designed to help us to sit in a comfortable position and meditate. The Crown and Brow Chakra are strongly linked to our ability to tap into our intuition our Higher Self. Learn some basic tools to clear the mind connect to your intuition.