The Juggler of Life


The dread or fear of change. It comes in all shapes and sizes. We all have to go through moments of change on a daily basis, or at least a regular basis. But that change in weather, change of times…. change in route to work, or change in social scenery are fine and for the most part totally bearable… But I am talking about an uprooting change. When you feel a big transition in your life where everything is on the verge of something new. A process of transformation is happening but you are too caught up in the upheaval to recognise the shift that is taking place. The fear of what might happen is stronger than the excitement of could be.

“When I stop struggling, I float. It’s the Law.”


I totally love this quote! What a great reminder?! How often have you worked so hard to resist something that all it did was get stronger in persistence! The ability to let go and flow is a talent, a talent that change helps to improve. Instead of seeing change as a burden, start to use it as a chance to improve the skill of floating, of non-resistance. Total being.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. When you look back, this time of change reveal a blessing.

Imagine you are a juggler – juggling the balls of life. This has been a task but you have done it with ease up until now with your own style and finesse. Then, something happens, something changes, and that style is being challenged. Or, you are no longer juggling soft balls but rather rods of fire!

In this time of adjustment, there is a moment of slow-mo, where you see all of this change but are frozen from doing anything. You see all the rods of fire that you are about to catch. Here, you are given a chance to change, it is during this moment of slow-motion that all you have to deal with is your reaction and apprehension. That is where the transformation takes place and your ability to juggle is upgraded.


Then, when the action is on again and you go to catch the rods of fire you will have enhanced your inner being so that you evolve to be a master juggler. It’s not the action of juggling that is hard but the reaction of the moments when everything is up in the air that count.

I know this more than ever, that to go with the flow is not always the easy option. But having the strength to see change as a beautiful transition awaiting to unfold itself makes it all a bit better. Let that hope guide you through change and may you be a Master Juggler! 😉

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