Christmas Crystal Sets

Christmas Stocking Fillers….

These little crystal goody bags are perfect for any friend or family member that loves all things mystical, healing and perhaps needs a little pick me up.

Custom orders upon request, if you are looking for a particular set. I have sets made up for health, prosperity, fertility, confidence, intuition, protection from negative vibes or from electronic devices (I think we all need a bit of that – fluorite and malachite)


Sets range from €5 – €25

All sets come with meaning and how to cleanse and charge them

You can add Sage smudge stick, incense or Palo Santo ceremonial burning wood to the sets.

Or add 5 Clear Quartz Points to amplify your crystal energy healing €5


ON NOW €15 (+€8 for sage and palo santo)
ON NOW (2)€17.50 (+€8 for sage and palo santo)
ON NOW (3) €2.5 for one or 3 for €5
ON NOW (4) €6
ON NOW (5) €6
ON NOW (7) €14 Chakra Set, €5 Clear Quartz Points, €8 for sage and palo santo
ON NOW (6) €8.5
ON NOW (8) €6.5
ON NOW (9) €6
ON NOW (10) €10
ON NOW (11) €30 or with additions €35

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