Communication is Key, even in the workplace…

I received a great question that made me stop for a moment and think. I am not a seasoned employee of an office… but I assumed that communication was key in the workplace and that is what all the meetings and briefings are all about. Communication. But do these meeting only cover the bare necessities- – the need to know bases, or logical and bullet pointed facts? What happens when a personal clash occurs, when emotions get caught up in your work and this logical clean cut gets messy and runs riot, distracting you from your targets?

Regardless of your environment, if you can’t communicate about it, it will cause a block. I spoke of this at the Chakra Workshops at the weekend. All to do with the Throat Chakra, the bottle neck of conditioning, raw emotion, feelings, thoughts and insight all come filtering through to your Throat for you to express. Full on, that is a lot of energy, so no wonder this can get blocked and confused at times.


If you can’t express yourself freely you will feel confined. Also if communication is not just and honest, or coming from a place of good intention… well, it becomes tainted and egos take over… and that rarely ends well.


Whether in a relationship or in the workplace, you need to be aware of your communication lines. Basic tips for almost all situations:

  1. Recognise the issue, awareness is massive, once aware you are half way there.
  2. Accept what is, try not to make it something it is not or wish it better, just accept.
  3. Decide what action can be made and do it, proactive decision-making only moves you forward never back.
  4. Offer love, maybe the hardest one to wrap your head around especially in the office, but if you look at the situation with an unconditional loving view it makes each side more understandable and your views won’t be biased due to your ego.
  5. After that and once all is expressed and communicated, it is all about letting go and moving forward. Just be with what is.


Again, these are great general tips, if you have specific issue you can use the above as a good starting point.



If you are having difficulty with another person, try writing out all you want to say to them, be as hairy as you wish. Type it or hand write it, let it all out. Be detailed and feel the freedom of expression. This is one of the best ways to alleviate a burden if you are unable or not in a position to speak about it. Also journalling gives you time to reflect and release your feelings without going for the knee jerk reaction.


Don’t send it or give it to them. Instead re-read it a day or so later. Read it as them reading it. Put yourself in their shoes and read and understand your issue with greater insight.

Perhaps that person is scared, or nervous, maybe jealousy or they could be threatened by you.


Not knowing much more about the situation: My general advice would be compassion, understand their view point or life situation. Also hold your ground on your decisions and actions, in a confident yet not rigid manner, be flexible adapting to change. People respect when you have your own opinion, not to be a door mat but also not to be oppressive. And form solid bonds that help to open up the trust and communication lines.


Generally, a good talk or a few small ones, getting to know and understand the person will really help. If they have it in for you, you can do either of these things:

  • Get to know them and understand what’s going on. What seems like your problem may in fact be nothing to do with you. That person may be going through something outside of the workplace but is taking it out on you when in the office.
  • Or if that doesn’t work, steer clear and remain grounded in your space, don’t feel threatened or rise to the emotional or subconscious attacks you may be getting…. I am getting into energy protection here. I will relate to this in another post.

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