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Thank you for signing up to receive all my updates and and tips. sunset yao noi To start you off, check out my most popular articles, linked below, and come over to my Work With Me page. I offer one-to-one private yoga sessions, intuitive energy reading and healing, wellness coaching – (goals, detox, spiritual)and I also specialise in Pre & Post natal yoga & pilates.

I teach all about the Chakras, I use it as a great guide for yoga, energy healing and understanding emotions. I believe that when we understand the body system as a whole, which includes the subtle body and chakras, we find a way to navigate through life that becomes a little more clear. (I run an online learning programme, teaching all about the Chakra Wellness – it’s links to yoga, meditation and other fun exercises)
Want to start a meditation practice – check this out >>simple Meditation Tips. Meditation doesn’t have to be a laborious task, it should be something you enjoy doing, the feeling you get from it and the benefits are endless! I will send you lots of simple ways to keep up your practice with breath and visualisation.

I am all about quick little yoga clips, have a go at this one Venus Yoga Flow (VIDEO). Movement is an expression of emotions, find what work best for your body, is it yoga, running, Qi Gong. I love to use yoga as my form of emotive movement, and I often talk about how to move your body when going through particular situations or even lunar phases… It is not about perfection of posture it is bout the doing action itself.

I talk a lot about the Lunar Phases and Cycles, I tailor most of my yoga events to the Full or New Moon – Here’s a good article to get you up to date of all things Moon

Stressed at your desk? Here’s a popular VIDEO for a good Shoulder Stretch It is so important to keep the shoulders moving and the blood flowing to your chest and back, especially if you notice you sit hunched over a computer all day long. Not moving this area can lead to tension building in your body, this space is also closely linked with your heart centre… If you are not doing something you love, but you have to keep at it, the best thing you can do to improve the situation is at least move stagnant energy around, shake it about and feel a little more refreshed after moving! :0)