Eat Greens – Cut Sugar

This one is vital… but oh so difficult to sustain! Those who know me know I am a chocoholic and devour cookies. It is a big weakness of mine especially as I do not see the results of eating this amount of sugar! My metabolism may break sugar down and I don’t see it on my figure but I sure do feel it! When I get stressed or down I binge on sugar, like the previous post, it is all a vicious circle. It can start as an outside stress, become a mental preoccupation, turn into emotions distress and have a knock on effect on physical motivation, mental clarity and emotional state.

Whether we like it or not sugar is a toxin, and addictive toxin. So many people are addicted to sugar but don’t realize it. Sugar will play with your hormones, your mental state and your sleep patterns – all resulting in mood swings of super highs and low slumps. It is this behaviour that feeds the sugar addiction. A slump means we reach for sugar to bring us up and once it has run its course we are left feeling tired, sick or low again… not good!

One of the best ways to start getting over your sugar addiction is to eat more greens. Greens = any salad leaves, spinach, cucumber, celery, kale, cabbage, broccoli, wheat grass, green peppers, lime, avocado etc… I think you get me on this one!

There are many ways to get your greens into you, eating them is one way, but you may not feel like eating greens all day long, so you can juice your greens or have them in a smoothie. Super greens are a supplement, or compressed powdered form of some or all of the following – spirulina, chlorella, chlorophyll, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa and algae.

I always play with detoxes or new health foods, and when I upped my intake of greens I noticed I craved less sugar, I actually forgot to eat chocolate because I never reached a slump in my energy levels. So this is the first step in getting off sugar, eat, drink or swallow more greens.

Greens, especially the dark greens are jam packed with nutrients that boost our immune system, provide antioxidant protection and rejuvenate our cells.  Green leafy vegetables also contain significant amounts of protein, minerals and fiber. Sounds good to me!

Eat greens and stay hydrated…. You will be one big step closer to positive living and healthy lifestyle!

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