Friday 13th

Full Moon, Friday 13th, and a week to the Summer Solstice too – a peak in energy. This is a very exciting day, one of great positive power and good, that for centuries has been repressed.

So many stories about Friday 13th. Negative links, connotations and unlucky traits assosiatied with this day. I grew up believing the contrary, as my youngest sister, Diana, was born on a Friday 13th, we never saw it as negative, quite the opposite in fact!

Over the years I have read and looked into why we are conditioned to believe it is an unlucky day. Why do advertisements, media and some religions like to prey on us and tell us of this ‘unlucky day’, why feed our thinking into such misfortune?

It has worked – years of our society believing it is a day of misfortune has led to bad accounts and suspicious minds. It is a powerful day- whether you believe it to be good or bad, lucky or unlucky. Can’t you feel the anticipation of the day? Friday 13th, I feel it, it’s not just any Friday!

The significance of this day is well known and it has been for centuries. But as ego and power took over and fought to control and repress, they too took away the power of a day – That day and its significance. Instead of it being a good day of prosperity, abundance or luck, they did (and do) their best to repress a power that they could not have control over.

How did they repress it? By telling you how negative they day is. By making you believe that bad circumstances happen on a day like today, Friday 13th. They conditioned your mind to think a certain way, and when your mind believes a particular thing it begins to see more reasons to support this belief. So, you recognise all the bad things that happen on a Friday 13th, and you remember them and retell those bad stories and dramas. Therefor the seed of negative conditioning has been successfully planted. You believe what someone conditioned you to believe.

How do the misfortunes of this day differ from another? Have you ever just focused on the good things that happen on this day to see if perhaps the theory is wrong? The significance of this day is that is shows how easily our own power can be taken and repressed.

How do you undo it: CHANGE YOUR THINKING!

Quite simple, you have control of your beliefs, of how you think and what you wish to perceive. Take back your power. Your self-control of your mind and your ability to change your reality through your thinking process. It is all up to you!

Use Friday 13th as a day of self-empowerment.

I am so happy to have my Sacral Chakra workshop on this evening as it represents our feminine aspects- our feelings and emotions, our creative ability. Our ability to speak freely about what we feel and intuitively know. These aspects are often repressed. Whether you are male or female in physicality, we all have a feminine side or aspect. And we have all felt the repression of these aspects at some point.

Think about any times of free speech, emotions and feelings or creative times that may have been repressed by you or others and let this evenings full moon and this date Friday 13th release that repression. Use Friday 13th as a day of self-empowerment.

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