Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon this Saturday 12th July 2014

Full moon is a time of Release, Surrender and Freedom.

Celebrate a sense of relief; with recognition of just being and the bliss of being present giving way to that relief that really nothing matters but right now…. so just be!

I was asked what do I do leading up to a full moon? Do I spend the day doing meditation and intention setting or healing? No, eh not quite the whole day… 😉   But here are a few things I do to keep me flowing with this Full Moon Energy.

Firstly, I honour how I am feeling. If it is tired then I rest and pamper myself. Bubble baths and sleep always work a treat. Or if I am fired up and excited I make the most of that energy and get out and celebrate with friends. Or do something creative and expressive. Dressing up and honouring my femininity is a must!

Intention Setting:

I do intention setting most days anyway but leading up to the full moon I try to reflect over the month gone by or a particular issue that I want to let go of. And what I want to heal and nourish. Journal or write it on a piece of paper and place it on my altar or in my crystal grid.

Crystal Grids:

I always lay my crystals out in a grid in the window or outside so the Full Moon light can recharge them. I link the grid with my intention and ask for a self-healing and a recharge too!


Similar to the intention setting above I might do a self-healing meditation to assist in clearing out and recharging. You can do this by simply laying down in bed or a comfortable space where you like to meditate, and focus on your intention and your breath. Just breathe calmly in and out. Trying not to engage in distracting thoughts or critical thinking. Just focus on being mindful for as long as you can, 15-30 mins. You can visualise white light filing your body, each part being filled and healed, or draw a colour into each chakra. (Check out the end of this link and see more about each chakra and the colours)


I always like to do a few Yin yoga poses or a full sequence to help my body relax and release. Yin yoga is great for your ligaments and bones we hold deep cellular memories and emotions in our connective tissues so this practice of long held poses that require deep relaxation is key to letting go of emotions that may be dragging you down. Try this sequence>>

5 More Tips for the Full Moon>>

Enjoy the Full Moon Comment below with your Full Moon Rituals and Celebrations.

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