Golden Creation or Broken Figure?

20140306_115046Inspired by this photo I took at a visit to Roseberry Healing Centre: Do you see a golden creation or art or a broken figure? We are all broken, yet still we are Golden, sometimes you just need someone to remind you.

Our lives are intertwined with complexities and moments of effortlessness, highs and lows. Like I have said before our life is just a series of breaths, Inhale & Exhale. I am living in Asia at the moment and the saying here ‘Same Same but Different’ has an even bigger meaning. We are all the same, going through similar highs and lows, yet we all react differently. Or, we are effected by the same journey but at varying degrees. What affects you may not affect the next person.

You get it right? Your story may be ‘less’ or ‘more’ compared to someone else. You see, we all are broken in our own way. That is our uniqueness. But we are also all filled with life, the same amount, equally. It all depends on your personal perception, what do you want to see? A broken figure or a beautiful creation worth displaying to all?

Our cracks tell our story, let it shine in a positive ‘golden’ light  ;0)

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