Heart Centering Connection

As you may or may not know I am currently writing my first book – big goal of mine, one that is growing arms and legs as I speak. I am loving this challenge and will keep you updated on its process. Actually, today I want to share with you a piece that I have recently added to my book. It is a fabulous meditation and practice that keeps me grounded and connected. It is always changing for me, as it adapts to whatever I am feeling like at the time. But I wanted to adapt it for you from my book and share it, making it accessible to you today.

As I have been a nomad for the past few months – moving out of my home last December, jumping countries (Ireland, Portugal and England) and now settling and setting up in London – I find myself seeking a grounding connection, something that will keep me firmly held together regardless of where I am at or what I am going through. I know I am not the only one to feel like so, if this is something you need right now then this is perfect for you!

>>>Heart Centering Connection>>>

I am not new to nomadic ways, if you have read about my travels you know what I mean… I actually like moving about, I learn so much about myself in the process, but I have learned that it is essential to have a practice that becomes a habit to ground you daily. I have always needed something like this so I don’t get lost and overwhelmed and float away from my path. Yoga has always been there for me and still today it is the practice that connects me to my body – movement has always set me free from the grip of stress in body, mind or with my emotions.

Lately, time has been re-jigged and my morning yoga practice has been moved to the evenings, or during the day when I have more time. I have been using early mornings as a great clear-head time to write my book. So, to start the day I would do a short meditation, like the following mentioned below, and perhaps a breathing exercises to wake up my system.

It is always good to begin the day by orientating yourself in your heart. Whether that is with a meditation, an affirmation, yoga or a simple acknowledgement of gratitude to life, one way or another this is good for the Soul!

This Heart Centering Connection is so beneficial, and for me it has really reminded me how to carry myself forward in my actions throughout the day. It is a simple reminder to remain present in your heart space which can help you to overcome fear, anger, sadness and stress. It connects you to something greater.

I hope you enjoy this practice!

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