Honor the Divine Feminine

Embrace the Divine Feminine in you and all around you.

You Are A Creator, Divinely Balanced In The Eternal Moment. You Exist As Creation Itself. Honor Yourself, For All That You Are”

Friday 13th March:

The Last Quarter Moon lands on a powerful day for the Divine Feminine Energy. The Friday 13th has been previously thought of as a cursed day – but I really think we have all turned that corner and realize how a day of sacred energy was suppressed by those in power then. This is not just a day for women, but for men too. The Divine Feminine exists in us all. Let this energy and anything that feels suppressed be recognized and cherished. #RaiseYourVibration

Its association with feminine is linked to the number 13 which represents the Moon (13 lunar cycles in each year) and the lunar cycle also represents the female menstrual cycle. Friday is associated with Venus the planet of love, fertility and beauty which is named after the Roman Goddess Venus.

This day asking for this vital force to emerge, for us to honor the cycles of life, to be one with the flow of energy, to be emotionally present, a healer and a creator.

Take this Friday 13th as the day to honor yourself, and the Divine Feminine energy within you and around you.