How to Find Love

We are loving beings, despite the world being a tad chaotic at times and love seemingly lost in some. We are loving beings. We like to be nurtured and we like to nurture. We need love to survive.

There are 3 different ways to have Love:

  1. Love for Another
  2. Love from Another
  3. Love for Self

❤ The first, Love for Another is a giving action. Giving love opens our heart, it fills us with hunger and desires to do things. Giving is an easy thing, we are accustomed to giving before we receive, a noble and kind gesture that is instilled into us from an early age.

Often you may find a resistance to give, but deep down you know that resistance it an issue from within rather than from them. Can you name people or things that you love? Find that passion, one or many, as it is what makes our heart sing. Having love for someone or thing propels us forward.

❤ The second, Love from Another, is a beautiful thing. Receiving love from someone can create a deep healing within, a deep nurturing and soul pleasing sensation. But it is one of the hardest things to do.

The daunting task of being loved. Why is this so hard? It is not hard for someone to love you, it is hard to let that love in. It is intimidating because they love you for who you really are, unconditional. Aware of your faults and forces. Regardless of how you are on bad days they love you anyway.

They may love you but do you allow their love in your life? Lowering your walls to open up to your true self and to accept love causes you to look within and accept who you truly are. That is the greatest form of healing – acceptance of self, open to receiving love unconditionally. This is a rare and beautiful thing.

Look to your relationships, family, friends and lovers and observe the relationship and flow of love – are you giving or receiving? Sometimes the more troubled or fraught the relationship the deeper it is asking you to look within and accept who you are, flaws and gifts. Can you recognise this in your relationships?

In all relationships one or all of these factors needs to be present:

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Love
  • Compassion


❤ The last is neutral and the most important, Love for Self offers love and acceptance. Knowledge of our Self, our good and not so good traits. Similar to above, we also need to be willing to receive our love too. Give and Take. Equally loving and nurturing ourselves and gaining the benefit from it.

Self-love will allow you to open up to another, to invite someone in.

You are only capable of being loved by the amount you love yourself.

Relationships will sooner or later bring up something for you to look and reflect upon within. This is a good thing, it is the nature of relationships. Struggle only arrives in a relationship if you resist what it is bringing up. Don’t always assume it is their fault, relationships reflect what is going on within.

Natural Flow of Love and Heart Healing

  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Gratitude


Attracting a relationship:

With the above in mind, you will attract a relationship that matches your inner relationship. When you want to attract a relationship into your life, you must make that relationship exist within. If you start to note all your good qualities and become happy with who you are, these qualities will shine out from you and attract the best relationship for you at this time. The more you work on your self-relationship the more your other relationships will flourish.

We cannot banish our flaws, but we can accept them for who we are, be aware of them and learn how to manage them. This will help a relationship flow with ease.

Be aware and confident of all your talents, I am not talking become a self-centred narcissist. I am just suggesting highlighting your qualities and not feeling sorry for yourself or repeating a mental pattern of “I am not worth it”. Be so happy with yourself that you radiate self-assurance, love and openness. These are qualities that we all look for in a partner.

Radiate the qualities you wish to attract. Like attracts like. It’s a Universal Law!

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