How to find the Balance between being Strong and Sensitive

How sensitive would you say you are?

Do you pick up on a sensation? Aware of how others are feeling? Or know something is going to happen just before it does?

How do you deal with being extra sensitive or emotional: It is quite simple, exercise the awareness muscle and strengthen your nervous system. Do not suppress or stifle a gut feeling, instead, question it, be curious. The more you deepen your awareness the more you understand and know. Below are some tips for being a strong sensitive >>

If you consider yourself sensitive or emotional then you are more than likely an empath. You feel more than most and your nervous system and brain process your sensory environment differently.

 Empath: A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.


This is becoming more and more common with many people acknowledging their feelings and emotions and not suppressing them. There are no cures for this, as it is not a problem! 😉 Awareness and mindfulness will help you to recognise and deal with emotions and slow or regulate the processes going on with in. Actually, being aware you are hyper sensitive, and knowing it is OK is half way there.

Accept your sensitivity, as this is a beautiful gift. If you are an empath you are probably a very treasured friend and family member who is there to comfort and understands exactly how they feel. This empathy if what helps you be a wonderful understanding person.

Here are a few ways to regulate your sensitivity and use it to your advantage:

Identify. Like I said recognition is half the battle. If you are an empath you will be open and giving, you may get tired easily, feel drained for no reason. You must understand this quality about you and not see it as a problem but as your gift.

Distinguish. Where is emotion coming from – you or others? It could be a feeling or a physical symptom. Like being beside someone who is not feeling well you may take on their symptoms. Or you emotionally feel good for no reason or low for no reason. Is this your energy or that of those around you?

Limit. You have control of the energy within and around you. So, either walk away and distance yourself from a negative feeling or set clear boundaries. Limit your time so you don’t get drained. You can also limit the amount you wish to feel, and when you wish to feel it. I do this if I know I have to go somewhere that will be easy to pick up on negative energy or emotion. You have to feel empowered over your own internal processing and have a handle on your emotions.

Mindful. Breathe and get in to the present moment NOW! Meditation helps to strengthen the mind and sharpen your awareness. The power of our breath – it regulates our emotions and our thoughts, and of course it regulates our physical body too. Such a tool needs to be learned and that comes with discipline and practice. A simple daily habit of breathing and being mindful with increase the strength of the muscle. The muscle of awareness which leads to you understanding yourself as a whole, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Cleanse. Flush out negativity have a method that works for you to clear you of any emotions you feel you take on. Whether it is a shower or washing hands. Or drinking water and eating clean. Give it the intention of it clearing you and it will. Full list of Cleansing tips here.

Be Happy. Look for the positive. That will cause you to change your mindset and focus on a good thing. Again you have the power of what you feel and what you perceive. It is all up to you.

Being comfortable with and honouring your sensitivity makes you stronger.

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