How to Protect Your Energy

I have had so many people come to me for healing sessions and one of the most regular issues is feeling drained by others, feeling wiped after a day at work or with clients or even with your kids. The most common one is feeling drained of energy by friends.

I am sure you have hear of the term ‘Energy Vampire’?! Well, I am not too fond of this term but I can totally relate. A few years back, I was at a seminar about ‘Don’t let your Energy Be Drained by Others’. It was a talk at a Spirit festival, and I certainly had experienced this before so was intrigued.

Her opening line was – “if you feel drained it is your fault!” I was instantly deflated. I was here looking for tips on how to prevent others pulling on me and I was being told they are not doing anything I am allowing my energy to be abused.

Well, if you are as sensitive as me, you would have been a little miffed at this. The rest of the talk was quite dogmatic and really left a lot of people feeling like they didn’t get what they came for… but there was a truth to what she said.

It is up to us to protect our own energy, you can’t stop others from pulling or draining energy from you, you can only control how you react. But how do you do this?   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Being sensitive, an empath or just aware of others and their energy/mood can be a blessing in disguise. You can relate to others empathise with them. You are probably very good at giving sound advice and are a comfort to those in need. But when that position is ‘abused’ and I mean this in the nicest way, but when someone on a subconscious level is aware of the nice energy you give off and the great effect you have on them, they may start to dump on you or pull on that lovely energy from you more often then you are willing to give.

So, you need to look at it like this. Your energy is infinite. Energy is infinite. Full Stop – your energy won’t run out. You share it. Your energy is a piece of the grand puzzle that is our Universe. We are basically all molecules of energy just vibrating at different frequencies. So we all share the same energy. The difference is some people are more open to it (sensitive/ an empath) and know how to use it.

If you are sensitive, you feel like something is being taken from you. And this can be true if you are not keeping your wellbeing in check. Your energy can be ‘taken’ but only because you are not grounded or open to the endless amount of energy out there. Trust is needed. Yes, people can get greedy and want what you have. If you are aware of energy and emotions, generally this means energy is flowing through you a lot.

On a subconscious level others see/feel this energy flow and want it too. You get the impression that something is being pulled from you. But if you feel that pull and put up a block you are allowing someone to interrupt that flow of energy you have.  You are effectively shutting down. This is all normal, and that is why we always need to work on our energy/chakras. It happens, life experiences cause us to block or feel things differently. But if you are aware you can work through it. Here’s how:


Grounded: Being grounded, or present in the moment keeps you alert and aware of what is going on. It doesn’t mean you are on high alert and on edge, on the defensive but rather, content in where you are at. Get Grounded>>

Boundaries: Having solid boundaries is a positive way to keep your energy in check. It doesn’t make you closed off nor does it mean you have to stop meeting up with that person. You just get clear with what you are willing to offer. Be empathetic, be the compassionate listener, if that is what you are.  But be clear that you are not diminishing who you are or the energy you have by being there for others. Set up Boundaries>>

Clearing: Don’t take their problems as your own. A lot of empaths do this and get effected by others moods to the point that their own mood is compromised. After your meeting or time with someone who ‘drains’ you, spend a bit of time clearing off unwanted energy. How to clear energy>>


And if you are still not feeling like you are strong enough to hold your own energy try these fun techniques and visualisations:

  • Buckets of energy: A fun visualisation. Power of mind is key here. Imagine you are armed and prepared with buckets of energy when you go into a meeting or with your vampire friend. Know that when you are feeling drained you can offer the buckets of energy to be poured onto them and they get filled up with the energy that they seek.
  • Hose of Energy: Likewise with a hose, this is a fun one for kids too… ha ha! Visualise a hose showering the other person with an abundance of energy (this is all a good energy you are doing, not mean) Just filling the other person up so they don’t feel like they are at a loss.
  • Aura Seal: Visualise a film wrapped around your aura/ electromagnetic field. This film is clear or a colour of your choice, it prevents your energy being leaked and negative energy entering your field. You could imagine a tube around you or a cloak/ shield. Whatever visually works for you.
  • Angels: Archangel Michael is the Angel to call upon for protection. He cuts negative ties, shields and protects you. Gives you courage and strength. Many people like to imagine his wings wrapping around their body.
  • Crystals for protection: I love my crystals and swear by their energetic properties. The best Crystals for protection and clearing is Turquoise. A rare stone to get your hands on, so others that are good are Clear Quartz, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Malachite and Tigers Eye. Meditate with them, Have them in your pocket, Wear them on jewellery.

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