How to Raise your Awareness and Why Now?

Full Moon in Aries – Total Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon tomorrow on the 8th Oct, it is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. This is set to be an awe-inspiring moment when the bright Full Moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow and turns into a beautiful blood red Moon. Fingers crossed our sky is clear for us to view it! This is a perfect time to Raise your Awareness – focus on inner reflection, time for self, quiet meditation, yin yoga practice, and cleansing your crystals – lay them out in the moons light with the intention to be cleared of past unneeded energy.

If you read up on any of the Astrological writings you will hear of what a deep transformational time that this is. There is a lot of energy focused on transition, endings and change for rebirth. I love this, it is exhilarating, read to the end to see why. The reason I have found astrology so fascinating is the guide it offers in assisting me through current life situations. And I hope this being passed on, helps you too.

As I navigate through my Saturn Return, and a few other elements of upheaval that I plan to write about soon enough, I have found that astrology has been an extremely beneficial in helping me see a bigger picture. It marries so well with what I do – Yoga is the practice of Union, finding a way to become whole within once more. And my energy work, well these two go hand in hand – no brainer. I have intuitively read energy for some time now and if anything it is offering me a broader use of vocabulary for what I feel or see. So here we go, here’s my interpretation at with this month’s energies.

Not everything needs to be fixed, for a perfectionist like myself, this is a relief. If it does not always need to be fixed then what? All we need to learn is the ‘act of experience’. No pressure is to be placed but the essence of being present and fully allowing yourself to experience life means that you do learn a lot. By osmosis your entire energetic body learns, every cell experiences, not just your head/mind. And you do transform not by force, but by being fully present, cultivating awareness and the act of experience. Tips on how to Raise Your Awareness at the end of this article>>

Mercury Retrograde

So, with the energies prompting a shift and a time for deep transformation, death and rebirth; look at what it is you are ignoring, what are you not experiencing? Give yourself this time to ‘be’. Mercury Retrograde is offering a time of stillness, and time to communicate on a deeper level, with yourself and with others. Mercury is the planet that governs communication. It is the perfect time, asking us to become mindful and experience fully. Don’t fret or get panicked by the scaremongers stories linked with the trickster Mercury Retrograde. Just see it as a time to slow down and to be attentive rather than be ruled by the clock and your finances.

When Life Throws a CurveBall

What do you do? You have two choices:

1)      To duck, hide and hope that it doesn’t hit you. This only lessens the chance that it might still hit you all the same.


2)      To stand up to the plate and give it your best shot. By standing up and facing reality, it will scare the hell out of you. “Feel the fear but do it anyway” – whispers in your ear!

You face the harsh truths about yourself but there is also something exhilarating. The thrill of living in the edge, the knowing that this could be your ticket. Standing up the plate might pay off, and you might just hit that curve ball, you succeed.  The sense of achievement is all the more worthwhile because you took that chance on yourself. You believed in yourself. You got out of your comfort zone and found a moment of magic, this is what makes us grow.

Regardless of the outcome, you have now experienced your own potential, you have succeeded in believing in yourself. That is what these sort of energies are asking you to do.

We don’t need to always live on the edge, but sometimes live presents opportunities that allows us to transform, go with it if it is what you are needing right now, because the Universal Energies are there assisting you. Be fully present with your life, enjoy the ride.


How to Raise your Awareness:

Learn to meditate: still your mind and regulate your thoughts allows you to gain control over your monkey mind. This is often the hardest but more rewarding step. 5 x 2 mins a day (10 mins total) is all it takes on a regular and consistent basics to shift your awareness.

Move your body with awareness: this is simple, we already move our bodies daily. So now just become aware of what you do with your body.  How do you walk, are you walking proud or sluggish – these are just a reflection of your energy.  When you practice yoga are you with your body and your breath or with your head and stuck in time?

Change your thoughts and words: we have all heard this before buthow often have you put it into practice. Your thoughts are a frequency that is put out there to affect your world. Therefore you create your world with the way your think. Changing your words can be more profound in altering your energy. Observe how you talk about situation and yourself. Speak well about yourself, affirm what you desire. And then notice the impact it has on you and your world.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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