I’m Back – with Full Moon Blessings!


Yay! I’m Back!!

How are you?

It has been a while since I last wrote to you. Thank you for being patient with me while I took a bit of a time-out for a few months. Seeing that today is the Full Moon – a great time to let go and unveil. For me, I let go of holding myself back and I relinquish fear. I have chosen this as an ideal time to close the door on my sabbatical and reopen YogaEnergy!

See below for your Energy Insights and Yoga Poses… Set your intentions for this Super Full Moon, let them be associated with some sort of release and need for change.

The last few weeks I had been itching to write to you, yet I have been extremely busy with my husband’s new venture in London – F45 Training (a functional training studio offering group classes for fitness and strength) F45 opened in London Bridge on Oct 1st – right when I felt ready to get back to writing! But instead of fighting time, I have learnt to trust the flow and instead, I am enjoying every moment setting up the studio here and the role I play. I am effectively running the show there (or so I like to think 😉 lol) as studio manager and it I so great to be interacting with folks again who are interested in improving their health and fitness. This role also made me miss you and what I used to offer you through my blog, client sessions and workshops so, I am managing to wangle a day or two off to focus on rebuilding YogaEnergy here in London and get back to writing!

Taking limited bookings for 1-2-1 sessions online & in person

Over the last few months, I have had so many times where I wanted to reach out and share with you my thoughts on yoga, emotional wellbeing, and current energy cycles – especially lately with the Blood Moon and the Autumn Equinox (my fav!) However, the last few months has given me great time to reassess how much energy I need to give versus how much energy I want to give. I faced some fairly big challenges that, given the time and space, have allowed me to appreciate the gift in their experience. I took time to let go of the labels I had placed on myself and become the student to my lessons.

No doubt, you could probably tell from my last closing blog post that I was in a desperate need to find some life balance. The rug vanished from under me and I was left floundering in the water.

Some people say that writing from that vulnerable state is what people want to hear nowadays, and that I should have kept up the blogging – but personally I don’t like that approach. I feel sharing vulnerability is a beautiful thing but as a teacher it needs to tell a story and offer a solution otherwise it is just like venting and spreading negativity. I want to tell a story that may or may not stem from my own experiences but can be adapted so you can take from it what you need to guide you through your own situations.

Energy Insights:

Today, Tuesday 27th Oct 2015, we celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus. Time to get grounded in terra firma and indulge in a bit of self-loving while practicing being radically present! Draw upon the good qualities of the element earth (Taurus) – steady, practical, physical, nurturing, trusting and generous.

Firstly, reflect back to 17th May 2015 – the New Moon in Taurus this year. Around this time you planted a seed that has now grown and bloomed. What has this phase taught you? Can you enjoy the ripe fruits of this seed? Does it offer you a chance to let go of that time once and for all?

For me, I felt like a seed in the darkness of the soil with no idea if this seed was going to grow, where to grow to and what it was going to grow into. “Time is a healer” – never before have I respected that saying. So, I am happy to see that this seed has transformed – a stem has pierced through the dark soil and is feeling the light again ready to bloom!

For this Taurus Full Moon we are asked to practice patience and acceptance. It is not just about sitting in lotus and meditating the crap outta life! But rather not losing your rag at the everyday situations. Try taking your yoga practice off the mat and onto the tube! Or in the car – cooling the jets when road rage rises and accepting that stress is paramount in the office but you don’t need to hook into it 24/7!

“Find beauty in boredom, wisdom in waiting, and holiness in the humdrum”. ~ AstroTwins

Remember, energy is always moving – there is a cycle to life and all that we do. Whether it is money issues, emotional states or current stubborn situations – they all have to move and change. Resist the urge to charge at a frustration like a bull seeing red! Be practical with your reactions and body movements – listen to what your body is telling you. Do you need to slow down or speed up? Your body will be your guide.

Just as much as your body will guide you, this Taurean Full Moon is prompting you to care for your body. Be sensual. Indulge in a little ‘me’ time. As like every Full Moon I like to use it as a reminder to pamper one’s self. For this Super* Full Moon – Plan a double whammy of pampering! Appreciate every limb, every organ! Be grateful for the effort every part of your body is enduring to keep you alive. *Super Full Moon – Is a reference to the closeness of the moon to earth. The gravitational pull is slightly stronger and its effects (if you are sensitive to the lunar phases) may impact you more.

Yoga Practice:Cat Pose

Full Moon energy can be emotionally intense, particularly for the raging bull (Taurus) who governs the throat and neck symbolising expression, communication and balance (thyroid). It is also the support to the head and the connection point of head and heart!

Allow the movements to evoke how you are feeling – union of heart and head expressed with the body and breath. Move, especially with Cat/Cow, at a pace that suits your mood. Express your feelings and thoughts in a physical way.

Cat and Cow pose – the simplicity of these poses may cause you to overlook them. But undulating the spine like this can feel so luxurious you just have to get into your body and roll with it. These poses not only open the muscles of your back, chest but improve the circulation of ‘prana’ or energy throughout your entire body. Your spine houses your central nervous system – the communication from brain to body. Link with your Breath – Inhale Cow and Exhale Cat.

Yin Frog Pose – Very grounding and deeply opening to hips and pelvis. Use support from blankets and bolsters. Focus on softening the hips and softening the hard emotions – stubbornness, short fuse frustration, prejudice and possessiveness.

Bridge Pose – Back bends are an essential part of any yoga practice, just like you tried in Cow Pose (that is a back bend). Bridge has variations from a basic hip lift to full Wheel Pose or Dhanurasana. Always warm up the body before entering into Bridge or Wheel with some sun salutations, or warrior poses to help activate the leg muscles.

Plow Pose – Halasana – Inversions are so rewarding especially when trying to get grounded. They give you a boost of energy at the end of your yoga practice, flushing your system as you turn upside down and giving you a rush of blood to the head – taking you out of over-thinking mode and into being present. This pose is also excellent for this Taurean Full Moon as it also stimulates the Throat Chakra and neck area.

And finally, give chanting a go! Chanting stimulates the Throat and Ear Chakras, which can purify the energy you contain and radiate. Its vibration actually has an effect on the cellular make up of your being, liberating your body from old patterns. Try chanting Om repetitively for 1-3 mins or Ham – the Bija Mantra for the Throat chakra.

Cat Pose (1)

Full Moon Blessings!