Inspired by the Rain

It’s raining! I know this sounds weird, but it has not rained in Phuket, Thailand for months. I can feel the excitement of everyone here especially the local farmers. It is a wonderful sound – the heavy rain and thunder. The power of the rain building to a storm. Photos and video do it no justice. It’s night time so all dark!  – Here is a little something I was inspired to write following my wonderful night watching a magical performance – the mother of all storms. –

“The moment I heard the rain I went out to see it. The sound of the rain was pelting down, I could hear it boldly hitting off the roof. The sound was exciting, like a drum roll preparing me for a big performance!

When I opened the door to our balcony I was hit with the sweet aroma of vegetation. It had not rained in months in Phuket and, even though, I was loving the warm weather I went there to find, I was well aware of the drought that was starting to creep into the minds of local people and especially the farmers. 

I perched myself up on the slab of concrete beside our outdoor sink on our 2mx1m bare concrete balcony. I was already feeling the excitement of the downpour, the sound of a storm that evokes a childlike response of adrenaline and giggles. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

I was also feeling the gasp of satisfaction the earth felt as the rain quenched her thirst. Just as my very practical hubby stated, “the earth needs this”. I acknowledged that it did indeed need this and it was rejoicing and all of nature was offering a wonderful spectacle, the performance to that drum roll of pitter patter rain. It was building into a strong tropical storm.

As it was a New Moon, the sky was dark, slate in colour and only a glow of orange came from the street lights. Then the magical light show began… consistently every few seconds sheets of lightning would light up the sky and highlight the trees reaching up to be touched by the rain. Just outside my balcony the small trees and shrubs looked as though the leaves were dancing as the rain bounced off their leaves. The green shiny leaves looked more vibrant even in the night’s light, dancing in the rain.

The lightning became magical strobe lights that shone pinks and electric blues ripping across the sky, it was becoming stronger, and the sound of the rain was getting heavier like a rhythmic beat. There had been the occasional rumble of thunder but what came next was the highlight of the show.

Then a crackling and a whipping clash tore through the night. I felt the vibration of its sound in my chest, and for all of a split second I had shock and fear. I gasped but the edges of my mouth were still turned up with excitement. Any frightening feeling quickly left with the arrival of awe as I watched the camera flashes of lightning continue to flicker. I listened to the roar of the thunder as it rocked and echoed the space in front of me.

Sometimes it sounded like the screeching of nails on a black board and other times a rolling rumble that made its way from afar and reach a crescendo right above me, SMACK!! When the grumbling sounds ran off again I was left with the musical beat of the rain, soft and steady.

I continued to sit and bathe in the energy of this storm. The little dusting of rain that swept in my direction was like a refreshing mist that carried the smells of the plants and trees. I let all my cares and worries get washed away and I refuelled on energy as I continued to smile and drink in the euphoric feeling of dancing in the rain.

This continued all night and I let my inner child out to play as I crept out every few hours to sit and listen and watch this wonderful performance.”

I love when the Universe offers you clear ways to tap into your potential! Harness the energy that  is out there and know that this energy lies within, always. The Universe just likes to remind us, everyone and a while, of its powerful potential that is within us.

This is such wonderful timing as we enter the New Moon in Aries. What a cleanse for a new beginning! The power of the rain to represent the ram of Aries, a strength and power for standing up and showing off who you really are.

I am sure my amusement with the rain will dissipate when I return home to the Emerald Isle of Ireland in a few weeks but I felt totally overcome with excitement and joy as I sat with the storm last night.


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