Love and Accept


I love and accept myself. Repeat.

Do you find that hard to say? Awkward even? If so then this mantra is for you. Affirmations are the tools to rewiring your thinking, they can basically reprogram your system. The power of affirmations are not understood, these are the cheapest, easiest method for improving your life situations but we don’t want to use them because they take time and effort.

If you haven’t tried affirmations or mantras before you should set yourself a challenge. Repeat this mantra or a similar one if you have a preferred affirmation, it needs to be repeated sever hundred times a day. Up to 500. Yep that is the hard part. But think of it this way, you can have almost 50 thoughts in a minute.  So why not on your down time, before your get out of bed, in the shower, while eating or driving, before bed and in bed find the time to replace some of those unnecessary thoughts with a mantra.

Try it, you will be surprised how after a day or two it becomes second nature. Louise Hay is renowned for healing her cancer with the power of affirmations and the power of the mind.

This is the time of the New Moon in Gemini, (28th May 2014) we take the time to reflect within. I ask you to emotionally and mentally retract. Draw your senses inward and focus on you. Self-Love. I themed an entire yoga class to this yesterday for a couple. The art of cocooning yourself in your heart space.

Find that mindful moment of just being you. Acceptance. Listening to the thoughts you constantly replay, the messages that program how you interact. Observe the emotions you wrap yourself in, sometimes we take time wallowing, but does that give us the nurturing our heart craves? Nurture with love.

Reflect within to this heart space this New Moon and from that heart centred cocoon express the love for yourself. Let that grow and build with excitement, the delight of the New Moon and the excitement of what’s to come. The new you emerging. Turning over a new leave and flying like a butterfly, expressing your individual, creative truth.

I love and accept myself. Repeat.

Happy New Moon Blessings


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