Morning Ritual

Good Morning!
The hardest part is getting out of bed. Once you can manage that. Find a comfortable seat. On a meditation cushion, on your yoga mat, on a chair. But remember to get out of bed and sit in a dignified position. Straight spine.

Sit MorningMorning Ritual: Give yourself at least 5 mins, no attachment to your thoughts, just follow your breath.

That is simple meditation.
After that spend time

  1. Offering gratitude for all that you do have.
  2. Release judgement.
  3. Offer forgiveness and acceptance for any wrong doing by you or others.
  4. And ask for guidance for your day ahead.

By doing this you clear space within so your energy balances and reignites. Your body and system are always working 24/7 to heal and make you function at your best. When you ( your head – Logical and critical thinking) get out of the way, it works more efficiently! Yay!

So try it! 🙂


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