I have some very exciting news!

So I guess I have been in a little bit of denial about this one… I think I just have to come out with it ….. I am moving to London in the New Year!

I don’t think this has hit me yet, and perhaps it won’t until I move. Or until I know where I am going to settle. There is a very long story behind this, one that I might keep for another day. It has been in the process for a few weeks, yet nothing is set in stone. All I can say is we are just taking a leap of faith across the pond! Wish us luck!

This is a great opportunity for both myself and my husband as we both plan to set up in the UK. Rob is over there in the process of setting up a new business in fitness and am looking forward to joining him in January. I will help him set up and then look to find my own niche too. I hope to find the same caring and wonderful group of clients and students I have had the pleasure of working with in Dublin over there.

There have been loads of shifts in my life this year and I guess this is one of the big ones. Last week’s blog post explained a good bit: Thank you Saturn. Life is a wonderful journey. I have touched on some of these journeys in previous posts and I still have a few stories I am working on sharing in the New Year. I am looking forward to this new start and sharing it with you. Learning to enjoy the ability to let things be, to flow and trust that everything is in Divine Order. I am excited and thrilled about embracing this one.

My parents emigrated a few months ago also so we are off to Portugal this Christmas to spend time with them, my sister and our dogs. I fly out next week!

I am not going far and plan to pop back for workshops and events in Dublin which I will keep you updated on. If you are in London look me up, let’s get together and share the London Life!

I hope to see you this Friday for hugs and Christmas wishes!

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