6 Ways to Aid Sleep

If sleep is an issue for you then you have to try a few of these tricks to ease calm and peaceful sleep:


Meditation – Listen to a guided meditation or soothing music

Left Nostril Breathing – Similar to this video, but only breathe in and out of your left nostril. Close your right nostril with your index finger or thumb and take slow, calming breaths only on left side. This is your Yin side – and will induce a calming sensation for the nervous system. For a minimum of 20 breaths or for as long as you need.

Full body scan – Lying in bed, close your eyes. Start at your toes, focus your attention here and take one inhale and exhale for your toes, exhale is relax and let go mode. Work your way up your body. Slowly with each breath scanning your muscles and bones, organs and tissues, breathing to relax and soften each part. Hopefully you fall asleep before you get to your head. If not, go again this time from head down to toes, no outside thoughts just inhale to hands for example and exhale relax hands.


No Phone – Don’t look at your phone for 20 mins before falling asleep, if you can’t leave it alone, try curb your usage leading up to bedtime – even though this is when most people catch up on their latest series show or social media, try to put it away and do a simple breathing exercise or meditation. And leave your phone on silent arms reach away from the bed…. Torture for some – bliss for others! 😉

Plan your next day – write out anything that you need to do the next day, any to do lists and add anything from today’s list that you missed. This way your head won’t wake you with a reminder to call so-and-so!

No Caffeine – avoid coffee, green or black tea, sugar or stimulating food in the evening. This will help your sugar levels balance out and adrenals switch off. For an hour before bed, if you know you are restless, do some Yin Yoga, meditation, read a book or listen to music all things to soothe the mind and calm the body….


Sweet Dreams……Zzzzzzzzz!

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