New Moon in Aquarius


This New Moon in Aquarius brings the start of a seriously good new chapter in your life. You have had a nice ease into January and 2015 so far. It is now time to initiate those goals and desires that you have for this year to come and set them on a path of manifestation.

This Moon is a Supermoon – meaning that the Moon is closest to the Earth (we only have a rare few of these Super Moons a year – making it so super!) The Moon is in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth for this Super New Moon, which make this energy tremendously potent.

When you meditate on the Moon today, be aware of what your intuition is telling you. There is a heightened stream of energy there for you to tap into, if you choose to.


Take this as a time for internal reflection, becoming aware of where you are right now.

Are you happy with where you are and who you are?

That’s what goals are here to help with – get clear about all of this – who are you are what are you doing. Identify reflection time! This New Moon in particular is asking you to reflect on this, but also offering the answer in the amplified energy alignment (Sun-Moon-Earth), tune into it!

Are you living your life purpose? Where do you spend most of your energy – and does it serve you well? Get serious about your life routine and plan what you do want in your life.

This New Moon energy is also providing you with a potential opportunity. Are you ready to seize it if it comes your way? Firstly, have a clear mind and a clear intention- then, throw caution to the wind as you let things be and come your way.

Oh and on top of all of this tomorrow (21st Jan) is the beginnings of this year first Mercury Retrograde. All the more reason to clear your head and set your intentions NOW. Be open to a slowing down of communications, don’t rush decisions or contracts, let a flexible mind be open to the ebb and flow of what may come. Return to your ‘Identity Reflection’ and stay the course.

“Today is the first day of your life. The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is the gift. All power is in the choices you make today.” ~ Kelley Rosano at Mystic Mamma


Don’t forget to check out goal setting tips and fill in the black cards and of course the New Moon Rituals Guide>>

Crystal Info: Crystal grids are great to accompany your intentions as they hold the energy of your goals when set on a New Moon.

Best time to recharge your crystals. Try sage smudge stick or incense – Aquarius energy is all about air so let the air/smoke boost your crystals.

Yoga Pose: Focus on yoga poses that will target the ankles and that is grounding. Lotus pose (seated), half lotus standing balance and malasana (low squat) – you can also try alternating from side to side in this squat to strengthen the legs and ankles.



New Moon Blessings – enjoy the recharge of energy!

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