Aim True – Bright Stars Shine in Dark Nights

Energy Insights:

This is the last New Moon of 2015 – time to set those intentions to be liberated from the past, awaken an appreciation for the dark (from which comes light) and have faith in the next step you are about to take into 2016 – the year of completion (2015 – the year of change) source

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”

One of my most favourite quotes that perfectly sums up the Sagittarian energy that this New Moon on the 11th is calling of us. Have faith – from the dark comes wisdom. Use this Sagittarian energy to think big, plan for the future and not worry about the incidental things.

Even though the evenings are shorter and the weather is a bit more bitter (here in the northern hemisphere at least) it is vital to get out in nature, to breathe in fresh air and connect with the energy of the centaur (Sagittarius). The connection to nature and the outdoors cools any volatile temperament that may raise its head, not to mention and keeps this Sagittarian energy working its benevolent magic on us. In other words –  our connection to the outdoors reminds us of our true wishes, our hearts desires – it recalibrates our energy so that we do not get tripped up by the everyday stresses and the social/media standards.

So, get out and dance under the stars on the dark nights around the New Moon or play in the fresh air that blows through the bare winter branches.

New Moon Blessings:

The New Moon lands on the 11th of December 2015. The Moon in Sagittarius (mutable fire): Passionate and wondrous, an ever evolving energy and philosophical with an optimistic approach. Dance with this energy for it is stirring in you a marvellous inner strength and chance of personal growth.

New Moon energy is all about opening the cosmic door to a new beginning. Shed the old to make room for the new. Be shameless about your inner feelings that rise this week, as they are coming to the surface asking you to tune in and rebirth this aspect of yourself.

On this dark night, walk through that open gateway that invites you to seize the new.

Winter and the New Moon offer this dark night – a time of inner reflection, connection to the depth of your own energy. Recently that has been a very strong message coming to me. So many are afraid of the dark – only seeking the light. But it is through the dark that offers us the opportunity to witness the light.  

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Yoga Practice:

It is time for a serious Yin Yoga Session. Do you feel it? Are your hips calling out for a good stretch?!

This New Moon in Sagittarius is the perfect time to roll out your mat and get deep into your hips.

The Lord of Yoga – Hanuman is the ideal representation for this Sagittarian energy. Strong physicality, open heart and virtuous. Honoured by millions, devotees ask Hanuman to take away their suffering and fulfil their wishes. That is what this New Moon is also offering you. source


Lunges – To warm up the hips start with a few lunges – Anjaneyasana (named by the Lordd of Yoga to honour Anjaney – Hanuman’s mother). Focus of lengthening the hip flexor and loosening the quad muscles.

Dragon – (or lizard pose) – a king yin pose. Stretches the groin and gets right into the hips socket. Try it and its many variations – winged flying dragon, twisted dragon, low on elbows or high with hands on blocks.

Hanumanasana – Play it safe – this is an advanced pose. Use props to ease you into the splits. Place blocks (towels or big books) under your hamstring if the full variation is not achievable at first. Alternatively start with Parsvottanasana to stretch the hamstrings

Square Pose – one of my personal favourites to really get into my hips. This one really gets those tight piriformis muscles. Caution for knee injuries do the modified version. To advance the pose try to slowly walk the hands forward into a forward fold. TIP: try to tilt the pelvis as if you are trying to point the tip of your tail bone to the wall behind you and reach forward with your sternum – this helps to elongate your spine and get teeh most out of the posture.


MORE YIN>>>>>>

As you know I am a major Yin lover –if you search my site for Yin you will come across loads of sequences, info and even a video or two …. The best I can offer you is this post of a full Yin Yoga Sequence to open your hips – highly recommend for this New Moon energy. Enjoy!!

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