Partner Yoga – Happy Valentine’s Day

Partner YogaPartner Yoga is about building trust, connecting to one another, playing and on top of all that getting the benefit of a good yoga pose or two!

In aid of Valentine’s Day I have been playing with a few poses, I have always wanted to try partner yoga…. So I roped my willing fiancé, Rob along to play. Even doing one or two poses will be nice. Make it playful! We certainly had a laugh (8) this week trying some of these out. It builds great communication and the contact between two people is incredible.

Twists (3) and Forward Bend/ Back Bend (1, 2) are my favourite! Rob’s Fav was the most challenging (12) – if you are doing the back bend over someone’s legs you must totally surrender and trust that the person can hold you.

Never Push yourself into any pose, listen to your body and connect to your posture and the breath of each pose!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. Extended Forward Bend and Back Bend

2. Modified- Bend knees if tight at hamstrings – for back bend you do not need to stretch into arms

3. Twist – keep length in spine

4. Wide Leg side stretch- place towel or pillow under knees if legs are tight

5. & 6. Wide Leg Stretch – See Saw! Maintain length in back, engage core

7. Navasana/ Boat Pose – all about posture- sit up tall

8. Have fun!

9. Wide Leg Boat

10. Warrior 2

11. Down Dog/ Supported Inversion…. Share a kiss!

12. Supported Wheel/ Back Bend (Need strong legs for supporter) NB this is a deep back bend, do not attempt if you do not already have a strong back bend practice.

Practice with caution, care and respect for your body.


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