Passion and Desire for Life is Reborn

“It’s one thing to know,

Another to see,

But to change the world,

I must first change me.”


Theme: Self-integration & Wonder

New Moon in Aries 18th April 2015

On this New Moon, we are being asked to initiate the childlike wonder that once had us enthralled in the simplicity of life. If it has been lost – now is the time to find it again, and cherish it with this New Moon Energy. The past few months have been a rough ride for some and through that upheaval you may have thrown the baby out with the bath water. Come back and rebuild your curiosity and zest for life. Let this Dark Moon (New Moon is dark in the nights sky) be the empty space that you can use as a canvas to reignite your childlike wonder and awe for life.

This weekend, just as the night’s sky is the back drop for the stars to shine – no Moon in sight, let your deepest, darkest feelings be enlightened with awe as you rebirth your spirit and come back out of the shadows to face life with passion once more.

This is a great time for self-integration, time to nurture the emotions that stir in your heart and to reawaken the ability to live vibrantly from your heart. You can do this alone, you must be able to see that path for yourself and follow it diligently with desire and self-love. But equally, pull your dear loved ones near to you and enjoy the connections you do share so that you can celebrate together the vivacity and extraordinary presence life has to offer.

Be innocent and uncomplicated about your need to have excitement in your life. Be the child again. Run, play and laugh!