The Power of a Positive Thought

The Power of a Positive Thought:

Stress, fear and anxiety- One leads to another and it becomes a vicious circle, it can be overwhelming.  Try break that cycle by getting out and doing something new- meet up with old friends, go for a walk up the mountains or by the sea, read a new book, laugh at a funny movie. Do something that stress has prevented you from doing…. They may seem impossible when feeling busy and strung out but by doing something new will get you out of your head for a few moments and give you a break from that vicious cycle.

It is hard to think positively when you can’t reason with anything or anyone or yourself!  Once you have tried something new and broken that cycle, that is when you can start to dream of the goal or life you desire. Write out your dream or share it with someone supportive or keep it to yourself. But DREAM BIG so one of the seeds from this dream gets planted in your subconscious.  The positive emotions that are stirred by a desired dream start to multiply in your being, again on a subconscious level. Now, it is just a case of building and growing that dream… maintenance even.

The dream will continue to grow as long as you hold it in your heart as something you truly desire. Believe in this goal and life that you dream of. Keep DREAMING! The more you think of it the more positive emotions will surface with in.

More work is needed from there. But for now, this is a great initial step to get out of a stressful and fearful cycle, and that is the hardest part.
Hope this helps… it certainly did for me xxx Danielle Smyth

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