Shine Bright and Proud this Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon Blessings!

Today, 3rd February 2015 we celebrate the Full Moon in Leo

This Full Moon is asking us to shed our old imitating beliefs and stand in the spot light proud, cheerful and comfortable with our own presence.

What are your ready to let go of? January is behind you now, and I know it can be a slow month, leaving you feeling lethargic or low. Perhaps you didn’t get what you wanted started…. No worries, the next New Moon carries the same energy as the first New Moon of this year. This is a rare second chance. Prepare for this second chance by taking stock now. Drop the unnecessary weights and shed the negativity. Make the choice to be courageous and fearless going forward!

I was coaching an online client about this the other day – funny how relevant this is for the Universal Energy at the moment. I love how energy works!

Fear is a choice, it is good to be aware of the fear you may have but don’t let it grip you. Choose to feel grounded and connected. Have faith in the steps you are taking. Trust the path you are on, become aware of the signs that are guiding you and believe that you will know what to do when needed. Don’t fear what you do not have or need right now. Be brave like a lion, shine bright and proud – This is exactly what this beautiful Full Moon is calling to attention for us.

Your energy may be waning at the moment and you might feel drained – the Full Moon can have that effect on us – But remain steady. Use this time to observe what’s going on for you and set the intentions. Allow the next few days, as your (Universal) energy picks back up, to be filled with action that follows up on your Full Moon intentions.


Yoga Pose:

Lion's Breath

A super yoga pose for today is Lions Breath.

We are still on going with Mercury Retrograde (a internalising of our communication) so use the Full Moon in Leo to clear any stagnant energy, communication blocks or fear that is preventing your courage from arising.

  • Sit, kneel or squat with your hands on your knees, stretch your fingers out wide.
  • Inhale through the nose
  • Exhale loudly out of your mouth – as you do stick your tongue out and feel it stretch down to your chin. This is helping you clear your throat. Simultaneously, look up to your brow as you exhale.
  • Repeat at least 5-7 times.
  • This may feel funny and weird at first but after a few goes you actually feel the tension releasing and you can have fun with it!


Crystals:Yoga   Energy

Lay your crystals is a grid and let them be cleared and recharged by the light of the Full Moon. In particular, any yellow stones crystals – Citrine, Yellow Jasper or Calcite, Tigers Eye etc. placed on your belly or around you in a circle will help to disperse any negative energy and fear and build courage and happiness within you.