Smoke and Mirrors

While on holidays recently, myself and my husband went for a late night walk down by the port in Cabopino, Spain. We stopped at the end of the promenade and laydown on our backs to gaze up at the stars. This is my most favourite pastime from way back in my early childhood. The stars and the universe out there have always been of interest. When I look up I feel a deep connection, I feel a sense of peace.

While I immersed myself in this moment of peace, my husband came out with a statement that made me look at it all in another light. As we looked up as the dark night’s sky and the twinkling stars…. He said – “is this all a trick, an illusion?”

Funnily enough the word maya came to mind when he said this. I have studied this and read about it. But right at that moment something clicked.

Maya is the Sanskrit term for illusion or the illusory world.  And yet Mother Maya is another name for the Hindu Goddess Durga, meaning Earth Mother and the name given to Mother Earth herself. It is said that Mother Maya can free you from the ‘demons of the ego, ignorance, and desire that bind the soul in maya (illusion)’. Could you say, Freedom of this illusion comes from connection with what holds this illusion?!

Gazing on the stars, its beauty and its magic – we reflected on the deceptions and interpretations of this world. I found myself thinking that freedom from such disillusion comes from a connection created within. A connection with our own existence, with existence as a whole, allows us to see beyond the aspects that trap us in power and ego which disconnect us from who we really are.

M a y a


The world is in a state of chaos, destruction is flashed on our news feeds and we are aware of trouble spread in far and near places on this planet. This is not the first time that our world has experienced war. This is not the first time that friends, family or even ourselves have had to face challenges. But this time are you seeking more – a connection that needs to be satisfied.

You cannot belittle your own battles in comparison to the battles of countries and yet you cannot dwell there as it is not safe for your own sanity or health. Negativity feeds of negativity. Chaos leads us into various states – panic, anger, depression. But it also causes us to seek out answers. When a foundation is rocked, it opens up the opportunity for a new foundation to be laid.

You may find yourself seeking answers that satisfy a deep yearning within. Find that you are swimming against the current but becoming stronger from it as you realise your own individuality is being recognised.

Suffering is just another side of the same coin to joy.

So, do we continue to allude ourselves, or are the smoke and mirrors starting to fade as we wake up to who we really are?

Someone once said to me, “Not until you face your shadows will you truly know how to find peace.” I disregarded this at first, as I thought it was silly to have to go through pain in order to find happiness.

But I understand it now as, the pain or chaos caused by breaking down the illusion opens up the opportunity to be set free. The choice is always ours. What do you choose?

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