Solstice Celebrations & New Moon Appreciation

Festive Greetings

How are your coping in the lead up to Christmas? Silly season hit me hard and I have been running around all week. But it has been so good too, I tied up loose ends, met up with dear friends and clients, said some very sad good byes (gulp!) but not for good!  My bags are packed, clothes vacuum packed yet still my suitcase is bulging! I am feeling nostalgic closing up my house and walking down to Dun Laoghaire before I depart this evening. Part of me just feels like I am going on my hols for Christmas, another part is aware of a shift taking place……. (if you missed last week’s email – this will bring you up to speed!)


Talking about shifts, well there is a wonderful burst of energy this weekend that I wanted to share my insight with you before I fly out.


We have the Solstice this weekend on the 21st Dec. a universal celebration of light. The sun is still, the longest day with the sun high and bright in the southern hemisphere and we feel the shortest day filled with the darkness of the winter in the north. The significance of the Solstice is that it is the turning point, a time where light stands still. (The Latin – sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before reversing direction.) 

It is a moment where we can stand still and recognise our potential and light. We can relish in all we have learned this year, good and bad- however you wish to view it and then celebrate your lessons and achievements. After all, that is why Christmas is a time of celebration – be aware what you are celebrating and include a moment of appreciation for what you have done and been through this year. Take that opportunity to clap yourself on your back before the next year starts.

It is traditionally a day of celebration, celebrating the suns birth as it pierces the darkest of days during winter or the suns peak, shining bright for the longest. Many ancient cultures (Christian, Druids and Egyptian) have marked and honoured this occasion and we read of the birth of sons that have embraced their light and brought it to others.

As you know, I love to remind you to check in with something greater than who you are and to celebrate and honour all that you are as part of that which is greater….. This is a wonderful time of year to do just that. Not only do we have the Solstice, but we also have the New Moon on the 22nd in Capricorn. Another great reason to review our past achievements and set our intentions for the year to come.

New Moon – all about appreciating achievements, reviewing and setting new goals and embracing the alignment of sun, moon earth energy. So even though this is a crazy-busy time of year and we are off gallivanting and having the lols take a moment to appreciate it all, to review and honour your light.


Ways to celebrate and honour:

  • Light a candle and gaze at it as a meditation – Trataka>>   absorb the light of the candle, be that being of light.
  • Set an intention to embrace and awaken to your light. To appreciate life and shine your bright self out in your own individual way! Like a lit up Christmas tree!
  • My yoga practice has been filled with a lot of grounding lately – really getting into balancing and squats to hold this energy. Work on a few balance poses (tree, flying warrior or dancer) and active or low squats like molasana are great – also good to ease the back if your party season shoes are taking their toll on your back!
  • Crystal Grids for recharging and reprogramming their energy is great for the New Moon
  • Simply sit in meditation and just be with this Universal Energy over the next week…. It’s a nice biggie so enjoy!
  • Also observe your dreams and extra sensory perception. With this energy alignment and stillness of the sun you can really become awake to the teachings of your intuition.
  • More New Moon Rituals>>>


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