Spiritual Wedding

Some of you have been asking about the Celtic and Spiritual Ceremony we are doing next week. So for those that want to know, have a read of this breakdown of what I have planned and the elements of my spiritual practice that I have incorporated into the ceremony.


I chose to have a Celtic & Spiritual Wedding not because I am not religious or against it but that my own spiritual practice is stronger and would feel more comfortable drawing upon this symbolism and relating it to an energy that I use daily. The words and ideas that we are using are more up to date something I feel no matter what your background you will understand the reference to the sacred bond we are making and committing to each other.

Dara Molloy will be our Monk, he is a Celtic Monk, having started out in the Catholic Church, he left and went on to live in the remote beauty of the West of Ireland – Inis Mor, where he lives with his wife and 4 children. He became a Druid Monk and drew upon the origins of Celtic Religions. With the rise of so many people wanting a full ceremony but perhaps without the strict  and lengthy religious masses he put himself out there for Spiritual and Celtic Ceremonies.

Our Ceremony is outdoors, I know this is a big risk living in Ireland, but I preferred the freedom of creating a sacred space for our ceremony in a space I can revisit as often as I like – my parents garden. Rob and I will be using references and symbolism relating to the elements: Earth for our journey together; water for our community; air for the intimacy of our relationship; fire for our love and passions. Our Marriage will be sealed with a traditional Irish Hand-Fasting Ceremony. I got the cord custom made using materials that draw upon the qualities we wish to manifest  into our relationship. Pictures to come after the wedding!

I also asked if I could incorporate my love of crystals… so we will be using these to mark our alter and as part of our blessing, calling in the energy of the crystals, Mother Earth and the Angels.

I am super excited about this event and so happy to be able to have quite a deep and personal meaning behind our marriage ceremony.

Enough for now I can’t say more in case  my friends and family want to be surprised on the day. Watch this space… more to come soon…. when I am the new Mrs Smyth!

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  1. Srimanju

    A very best wishes Danielle.. am so looking forward to see the pictures of your weeding.. sounds so like Indian ceremony [ a right meaning behind] using the elements etc.. lovely idea..
    Best wishes and looking forward to see Mrs Smyth soon 🙂

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