Super Charged Dates

Can you feel what a wild one this year has been – amazing dates for the Sun and Moon, wonderful astrological dates and a collective vibe of a shift is taking place.

The next 10 days packs some weight that will leave you feeling as high as a kite, excited and equally overwhelmed and exhausted! Best advice here is to roll with it. Be Present – Now!

Moon Dates:

Friday 13th March: The Last Quarter Moon lands on a powerful day for the Divine Feminine Energy. Read it in Full here>>

Thursday 19th/ Friday 20th March: Super New Moon in Pisces. The 3rd Super New Moon in a row! All New Moons assist initiation.  So, this is a super strong energy that has been building and is now ready to open, marking the ending of the old (winter) and beginning of the new (spring).

You can never see the New Moon – it is dark in our night’s sky. But on this rare occasion, the New Moon will reveal herself as is she passes perfectly between us (Earth) and the Sun – a Total Solar Eclipse (see more at the Sun Dates). Not only that, but this New Moon coincides with the Equinox – Wow! More on this next week….

Sun Dates:

Friday 20th/Saturday 21st March: We are coming close to the Vernal Equinox (spring -northern hemisphere), a time when our days become longer and freshness fills the air. This is a great time for new projects to kick off. Be open to new beginnings happening around now, let yourself be free to flourish and bloom with the natural season of the Sun.

Friday 20th March: We also have a Total Solar Eclipse the first of the eclipse season this year. Set to be one of the best seen in the northern hemisphere since 1999. And because it lands on the Equinox it is especially auspicious – this is not to happen again until 2032. This eclipse will open up a door for you to welcome change, do something about it and heal the past that clears the path for the future to unfold.

The Sun, Moon and Earth will be perfectly aligned– whether you see it or not you will feel it!


I am certainly feeling the lead up to these super dates, hence the mixed excitement and overwhelm. The more present you are with yourself and the Universal Energy the more you will get out of these energy shifts.

Remember you are part of something magnificent – this Universe is part of you. It is not to make you feel insignificant in comparison to the Universe but rather for you to realise your incredible participation in this Universe is what makes this Universe so magnificent in the first place.


So, with all this super-hot energy coming up I thought the best thing to do was just remind you to exercise that ‘self-check-in’ muscle.

Embrace your whole Self, leave nothing supressed, let this Universal nudge be the one that pushes you in the right direction.