Super New Moon in Pisces

This is a wonderful New Moon – as are all of them – but this one is a biggie! Well, I am not sure if t is solely the Moon or if it is the combination of all celestial events. >>Check out the Super Charge Dates>>

I have written about these celestial, astrological and cosmic events all over my blog lately. I am certainly feeling this force, actually pretty heavy to say the least. So much so, I am really honouring myself for this time, I am retreating and listening to what this is bringing up for me. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your heart, and right now I need space to hold this vast energy! That is exactly what this Moon is remaining you to do – tune into your heart, follow what it is guiding you to do and then take action!


New Moon in Pisces 20th March 2015

Third Super New Moon in a row – yes this year has been a phenomenal one. Certainly asking us to get with the programme!!

Is this the ending or the beginning!? I will go a bit astrologically technical here – this New Moon is lands on the 29° of Pisces. Talk about Divine timing! This is the very last degree of the horoscope (Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac & the 29° is the last degree of each sign). There is a complete ending, then the Spring Equinox represent the new beginning.

New Moons are all about initiation, beginnings, leaving the old and starting afresh – death and rebirth.   2015 has been all about the New Beginnings, calling to our attention all that we need to release. Bringing up the past and old hurts that no longer serve you, reminding you to let go of repetitive patterns that are detrimental to your Soul purpose. You have been preparing and releasing plenty this year – Now this is show time – no more dress rehearsals, time to start being!


Integrate You and your Soul as One

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and some teach that this sign holds energy from all the previous signs. There is a fullness or a wholeness quality to it. This sign is represented with the two fish swimming in opposite directions. The harmony of Yin and Yang, to koi fish mimicking each other but playing out their polarity.

The fish often depicts spiritual practices and has symbolism in Christianity and pagan religions. This sign is traditionally a very mystical sign, Pisces also relates to idealism, generosity, intuition and creativity. It is all about connecting to the subconscious. A fish belongs in water, and water represents our emotions. The emotional spirit crusader!

Conversely the Piscean energy can warp you, leaving you unsettled, without structure if you get pulled under by the current. Your imagination and vast consciousness can remove you from the security of reality, lead to escapism and dependency on mood and mind altering states.

Our energy is constantly in exchange – two fish – water (emotion) is all encompassing, our body and planet are predominantly composed of water. Let this force infuse you this week. For this New Moon in Pisces we may feel our emotions are related to spiritual connection, if you give yourself time to listen to your heart, you will be honouring your emotions, these emotions and calling out for a spiritual awakening – a New Beginning!

Perhaps a new era is upon us?! Watch this space!


As this sign can be very sensitive and our imagination and curiosity can excite a tendency for avoidance. My theme for this energy phase is GROUNDING!

Let’s focus on grounding ourselves and connecting to our feet. Being present and opening your heart to all that it can embrace.

In order to flow with the energy of this New Moon (and the rest), we need to get grounded first. Feel anchored and stable – then allow our Soul to fly with these energies. Like I have said, it is a big one so stay rooted, connected to your presence.

Try these images/printouts to creating a solid routine >> Morning and evening Rituals >> Highly Recommend!!


Feel Grounded for this Super New Moon:


Mountain Pose

Balancing poses – focusing on the standing leg/foot

Down Dog is very grounding for the whole system

Fish Pose (See what I am doing here! 😉 Pisces!

Childs Pose (place forehead on floor, towel or prop) make sure your head touches something. In this pose you are grounding your Brow Chakra.


Make a circle grid with your crystals. You can include flowers, pebbles, shells and leaves if you want. The circle represents oneness. A united cycle of energy around you, within you and of you.

Sit inside the circle on the evening of the New Moon and set and intention for oneness. Become one with your breath, with your body breathing. Become one with the air you breathe and the universe that is supporting that air.

This is a great time to boost and reenergise your crystals – likewise you will also get a great surge of energy healing!

If you can leave your crystals in a grid charging for three days. From the night of the 19th until the morning of the 22nd. This allows the crystals to be infused with the energy of the Solar Eclipse -morning of the 20th, the New Moon -evening of the 20th, and the Spring Equinox -21st March.

After the 3 days, move your crystals and feel a shift of energy in them and in your home.

 Enjoy! Be in touch soon xXx