Testimonials & Praise


I really enjoyed your Chakra workshop, it was a Great experience! Thank you so much for what you are doing for us, for people who want to live happier, more balanced and full life, for people who want to find “them-selves”, the inner peace. That’ s your huge contribution!!! I really wish I would be able to help people in the same way somewhen in future. And you are a GREAT inspiration for us to keep doing yoga and to live healthy balanced life. You are excellent example of so beautiful, radiant, confident and successful woman which is full of energy, knowledge and happiness!!! Thank you for these emotions and yesterday experience!” – Elena Gooriah
It was amazing I know I keep saying it but you have a beautiful way of teaching a lovely energy about you. I loved all the knowledge you shared with us. Thank you again so very very much.” – Valerie Hilliard
Thank you very much for the workshop. I have to say that I slept like a baby on Friday evening and I was very relaxed for the rest of the weekend, even though it was quite a busy one.” – Antonio Chamorro
With each workshop, Danielle gently encourages me to turn my gaze inwards, thereby helping me to practice integrating my body, mind and soul. Although I’m still quite a novice, I discover a personal sense of poise, strength and grace each time I attempt a Yoga pose. I particularly love doing 2 workshops on the same day because my body feels rested, the thoughts in my mind seem less busy and my heart feels more open & forgiving. I don’t hesitate in highly recommending Danielle’s workshops. – Eucharia Counihan
I went to Danielle recently for Energy Healing, I left feeling a 100 times better, it was like a cloud had been lifted. My sleep improved hugely, I have been having really deep sleep and waking up refreshed and ready for the day! I also attended her chakra yoga workshops and really enjoyed them. Danielle has an amazing way of leading you through the practise and meditation at the end of the sessions was just fantastic. I’m really looking forward to my next one. Both were exactly what I needed for me right now! I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough, she’s an amazing healer and a fantastic yoga teacher. Thank you so much Danielle, you’ve really helped me – Ruth Whelan
I attended Danielle’s first Energy Workshop last Sunday – what a wonderful day! The day just flew past as we moved seamlessly through the varied route that Danielle had constructed. This was a really powerful yet relaxed experience where we were guided through the day and from which I came away feeling totally refreshed in body and mind. Danielle is a natural healer and her deep understanding of yoga, her ability to engage, and her calm energy all combines to produce a very gifted and talented result. For anyone who has an interest in Energy Healing, this is a really worthwhile experience. A “fantastic” day. Danielle thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and I am really looking forward to level 2.  – Jeannette Brennan
Danielle’s Energy Healing workshop, was more that I expected. She really shared a great knowledge of the power of healing, and it feels good to be able to putting it on practice on my daily life; to clear negativeness, to bring more happiness and positive energy into my surroundings. – Jessica
The lunch time yoga classes held at the Dublin Holistic centre have been so good, I am already participating in my second course. We can all say it’s hard to find time to fit exercise or relaxation into our busy lives, but these lunch time classes are the perfect way to bring health and well-being in to my day. Danielle is an experienced teacher and easily provides instruction for both beginners or those more experienced. Danielle’s established approach to classes enables students to become familiar with yoga sequences, such sun salutations, while also introducing new or varied poses throughout the weekly courses. She also conducts yoga workshops at the centre, which allows students a more in depth study of yoga and its applications to our every day life. I have thoroughly enjoyed both her weekly classes and her chakra workshops, and would high recommend them for any one who would like to bring balance, strength, and focus to their yoga practice. – Nikki Simpson