Thank you Saturn

Hard lessons teach us the most about ourselves. The outcome may not be obvious until we are comfortable and confident with our newfound structure and no longer fear ourselves.

Saturn relates to structure, boundaries and (advancing from) your restrictions.  Your fears and imposed limitations will dominate when Saturn is transiting or ruling your energy.
Saturn will bring up control and discipline issues, raise awareness of authority and how you face fear and constraints. Time, ruled by Saturn, will impose its own restrictions and learning things the hard way will be prevalent.

As it has a lot to do with structure and boundaries our spine, skin and teeth may be effected as these are the physical aspects of our body that are governed by Saturn.

Saturn can be similar to a coach or a parent. They push you to be strong and to reach your full potential, they are with you to break down barriers and, even though they may be stern, they are there to lift you up when your hard work pays off.

If Saturn is managed well and imposed limitations are transcended, you may experience an awakening that takes you beyond your current grip – margins can be improved and expanded. A bridge is formed that takes you past time and fear (your own boundaries) and this gives you a glimpse at the fruits that will be borne when the hard work with Saturn pays off.

It is not all about doom and gloom and I know it can certainly feel like that is the prevailing force. Believe me I felt it!  But, in times of learning, there is always an opportunity to excel and to learn something of value which allows you to open up to something more. I was told this the whole time during my Saturn transit.  Thank God I had that as a reminder. There is always a rainbow after the rain…..

What is the Saturn Return?

The Saturn Return is the term given to the movement of Saturn when it returns to the place of your time of birth. It takes 27-29 years to make a full orbit around the sun. After 28 years approx. it will return to the same position or zodiac sign and then continue its journey through the horoscope again. It will stay for 2.5-3 years in each sign, giving you plenty of time to learn and perfect this life’s teachings.

So, when Saturn returns to the place of our time of birth, this can bring up life lessons and a yearning for structure or control of our life. Perhaps a life change or an overhaul for some! Hence, coming up to 30 years old, we may start to reflect on our life structure and path and seek stability and order. For example: Careers need more structure or relationships pursue commitment. We in essence grow up and embrace the responsibility of being an adult.

Everyone goes through this but not everyone may be aware or sensitive to it. Most people who are unaware of the astrological effects on them will still be aware of a change of view, a coming of age, or a struggle to find order in their life. Around this age most of us want to embrace what our soul really desires and, if not already on that path, we will breakdown elements of our life in order to rebuild the structure we desire. Some people are excellent at the art of demolition and rebuilding and will thrive during a Saturn situation.

The wall is a great analogy for Saturn. Some will face a wall of resistance and become it or learn to climb it. Others will break it down and rebuild the wall. Some may want a wall around them for protection and stability – retreat to your cave and the answers will come to you. This wall is just the metaphor for what can be scaled, climbed and, once conquered, you will reach new heights.

Then at 56-58 we again face a change in life structure, another peak to climb and conquer. Finally again if we are lucky at 84 to 87 we embrace life’s final hike.

Saturn Transit

A transit is the planets’ journey. It is the position and movement through the signs/houses of the horoscope/chart, highlighting various aspects and attributes. Or, indeed, emphasising specific relationships most predominant for you.
Transits can be paired with other planets also which can alter the effect and energy being stirred. We are all in transit – Energy is always moving, planets are always moving – a transit is just a life path. At the moment we were born, our birth chart (a snapshot of our energy) can give us a guideline or map to understand how these transits affect us.

My Experiences with Saturn

I have just exited my bittersweet sojourn with Saturn and Boy was it some ride! I had planned to write about this a few weeks ago before I ended my Saturn Return and Saturn, Uranus and Pluto Transit. But I am glad I waited until now. Why?  Because I may have written in a negative or sour point of view. I would have still been reeling from the knocks and forces opposed on me. And I certainly would have been crushed by my fear of my own interpretation.

I have a lot to thank Saturn for. I had been into astrology before, felt the effect of the Moon and enjoyed reading astrologers interpretations of the energy play from the planets. I didn’t fully comprehend its specifics but I knew I wanted to know more. Astrology is a language for energy. I understand energy, I am now learning how to speak and communicate it.

When I went for a reading with Dublin based Astrologer Andrew Smith in 2013 I became more intrigued. I had had readings before with him and similar to this one I took the information on board that I wanted and carried on.

When he said I may be in for a tough time ahead with my life structure, I presumed he was relating to my upcoming marriage (a week later) and dismissed it as I was fairly confident in the structure of my relationship. We talked about neck injuries and skin issues that have plagued me for a year or two prior to this session. I was briefed on Saturn and its effects and did my best to prepare to ride the impending wave. I looked at the structures that made me who I was.  I noted who I was with each of my core family members and what boundaries I imposed on life, myself or others.

I am most grateful for the life I live so really I cannot complain. But, in brief, the year that unfolded was an uncomfortable challenge. I became aware of others having tough times (reaching 30s or late 50s and facing change) and knew this wasn’t a personal attack or anything but you can only stub your toe so many times before you start to wonder if the furniture is purposely getting in your way…. Metaphorically speaking of course – my toe is fine!! I just wanted the hole in the ground to swallow me up at times.

Yet, I cannot look back over the last few years and ignore the incredible highs, the breakthroughs I had and the revelations I came to. For me I broke through barriers that allowed me to have unreal visionary moments, transcending meditations and meaningful astral journeys. My intuition was amped up. I knew, felt or saw more. These highs could last for a few days and allowed me to bathe in a realm that I adore and see a bigger picture, dissolving some of the qualms that were building around me.

Kundalini yoga played a large role in keeping this regular and helped when the lows smothered me too. I won’t go into exact details on what unfolded this past year or so but Saturn is a roller coaster that dipped me down into depression that could immobilise me for days, took me through the bumpy and tough twirls that were never comfortable but I managed. I soared high which made me giddy with excitement and could overshadow the dips. At the end of this ride I can say, I was shaken and a shift took place in me that has given me a vantage point that I now appreciate. I faced fears, not all that well mind, but I recognise how fear grips me or how I let it.

Everyone has a different relationship with Saturn and this energy will affect you depending on your own birth chart. Here’s hoping I tackled Saturn and succeeded.

Suffering is not meant to harm, it is there to assess our reaction. A wall is not meant to block it is there to be ascended, it is for protection, strength and support…. When faced with overbearing obstruction that shakes your core structure what do you do? You look at your current structure and either build it to be stronger or knock it down and start again.

Hard lessons teach us the most about ourselves. The outcome may not be obvious until we are comfortable and confident with our structure and no longer fear ourselves.

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