The Three Minds

Inspired by Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan.

Mind Training is fast becoming the key to success and happiness. This is not a new phenomenon nor is it new information, we are just ready to hear it. Our lives are fast paced and our world is speeding up, people want to know it all, a quick fix. Funny thing is there is a simple way that is free and easy to access, but are we really ready to engage in it? Put in the effort and self-discipline, in order to create that life we desire.

We have three minds:

  1. Negative Mind
  2. Positive Mind
  3. Neutral Mind

Negative Mind – the negative mind is not necessarily bad. It has that poor connotation because it recognises danger, it is in fact very protective. It is realistic. The negative mind questions, double checks, ensures that nothing can possibly go wrong with this choice. The negative mind is cautious, it is the warning sign you get, often the first mind to speak up and take a stand. There is nothing wrong with this initial reaction. But do we allow ourselves to balance it before deciding what to do?

Positive Mind – the positive mind likes to see the glass as half full, it is optimistic, idealistic, and compassionate. It sees the good in all. It pursues the benefits for you. These are great qualities. The positive mind is an achiever, proactive and results driven. It is a yes mind. Being optimistic can get you far, and even further when put into perspective with the negative mind.

So, we see the balance that these two minds create. Negative mind speaks up first, then gets counsel form the Positive mind – giving you a fair reaction.  For example, say we come to a road and we need to cross it. The negative mind is cautious and looks left, then right, the left and right again. It is aware of the danger of crossing the road. It sees a bus in the distance and decides to wait until it has passed. But instead of waiting you turn to the positive mind which advises that crossing the road safely now will get you to where you need to go on time, without more procrastination. These minds are both reactive. Action is their function. Stay or go.

Neutral Mind – the neutral mind is our higher self, the all-seeing and understanding mind. It listens to the negative minds and hears its quims and worries, then checks in with the positive mind and observes the beneficial outcomes that may be. Instead of reacting, the neutral mind is happy to be. To listen and to contemplate on the greater outcome. Not necessarily the instant gratification of doing something now but the higher knowledge of what is to come.

If the Negative Mind gives you what is negative and the Positive Mind gives you what is positive, the neutral mind will give you what you should do. That has to become a habit. That has to be created as a discipline.”     July 1, 1987 – Yogi Bhajan

You see, we can easily get bogged down by our negative mind, because it shouts the loudest, but dwelling in this mind can lead to fear and an imbalance in rational and logical thinking or even prevent creative thinking. That is why it is taught to think positive as this will help us to see the other perspective. It is not to teach that our negative mind is bad or not helpful, but that the initial thought process does not need to be the ruling thought or decision.

Don’t fear or hate your negative mind, be aware of your conditioning, your experiences that have led your cautious mind to be like this, but then weight it out with a new perspective. This new perspective is not the right answer either, it just prevents your body reacting in a knee jerk way, it buys you time.

Neutral mind is the one we really need to cultivate. Meditation, mind training, and self-refection all allow us to listen, listen to both sides, to make higher judgement and remain calm and peaceful in our actions and in our being.

Self-Discipline is tough at first but it soon becomes strong and then a habit. This habit is what helps us to recognise what is good for us, not instantly but on an overall, holistic view.

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