Top Ten : Ways to Pimp your Water!

Top Ten : Ways to Pimp your Water!

We all have heard of the benefits of guzzling water, but do we drink enough? How can we make it more appealing? It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, if pregnant then it at least 3 liters of water a day. Here are a few interesting ways to make your water more interesting, so that we stay on top of our water intake! Get Hydrated People!


  1. Fresh or Frozen Fruit: Adding slices of fresh or frozen fruit such as orange, kiwi, melon or peach to a jug of water is an easy way to add flavor. Berries like raspberry, blueberry and strawberry also work well and once the water is gone, you can help yourself to the fruit!
  2. Fruit juice Ice Cubes: Use lemon juice, orange or pineapple juice in your ice tray, this will have a similar effect as the fruit slices above but add a refreshing cooling twist. You can use pureed strained berries in ice tray, this is a great way to get kids to drink water!
  3. Lemon:You can either squeeze the juice of a lemon into your water or add a slice or two for a zesty citrus kick. Lemon and water (preferably warm water) first thing in the morning is a great way to detox the digestive system.
  4. Lime: Just as with Lemon….You can either squeeze the juice of a lemon or lime into your water or add a slice or two for a zesty citrus kick. If you are off the booze for January, lime and mint leaves are very refreshing and can look like a classy drink ….add lots of crushed ice!
  5. Cucumber: Slices of cucumber make for a refreshing addition to water. You can always recycle the slices and use them for your eyes when you’re done!
  6. Crushed Ice: It may not sound too exciting, but by simply adding crushed ice to your water, you can enjoy a change in texture that takes the boredom out of chugging down plain H2O.
  7. Warm water: On the other hand if the cold weather is still getting to you drinking warm water will help to keep the body temperature up.
  8. Herbs Infusions: Fresh mint, ginger or lemon balm can really change the taste of your water. Infuse with warm water to bring out the flavors, drink warm or pour over ice or leave it to cool or in the fridge over night to infuse if you want it cold.
  9. Herbal Teas: An easy alternative to the Herbal infusions above is to just have herbal tea. Peppermint- good for easing the digestive system, great after a meal. Chai Tea – warm spicy tea, by switching to chai it will cut your caffeine intake dramatically. Finally we have an easy and enjoyable way to get off the stimulant/fatigue treadmill and enjoy something that is actually good for us!  Chamomile or Verbena Tea – calming and helps you sleep, only take at night. Lemon and Ginger Tea – I use this when I run out of the fresh ingredients, this is a great drink to have throughout the day during a detox. Green Tea – an all round winner, full of antioxidants!
  10. Fruit Juice Concentrate: If you are really craving something less organic dilute a fruit juice or sugar free Ribena (for example) with your water. You really do not need much of this stuff to change the taste of your water. Try the other 9 fist see if you can go as fresh as possible! Enjoy!

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