UNION: Death and Rebirth

Happy International Woman’s Day!

What a surge of energy we have today. People around the world embracing and celebrating the fabulousness of women. Uniting and strengthening the female bond and wondrous energy that exists in us all. The female energy is not just limited to women, we all have it- men included. We are just conditioned to see it as only a sex thing. But it is more than that. It is also the power of Yin that Yang could not survive without, the energy of cycles and change – essentially found in time, from our seasons to days. Something that without we would cease to be. It can morph from innocent, kind, beautiful, seductive, manipulative, intriguing, transformative, nurturing, and multitasking to of course wise and wonderful! So, today when you celebrate International Women’s Day – recognise these qualities in all the women, men and children around you. And shine your own greatest qualities out into the world with grace and dignity.

Wild Wise Woman

Energy Insights:

New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces 8th March (mutable water)

Today we have the New Moon in Pisces – symbolic of a new era, a time to plant the seed for our intuitive imagination to be brought to life. This New Moon also occurs hours before the Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse is awakening a deep unification of our truest self. How amazing! Within a 24hrs window we have the chance to step into the energy of possibility and unite with our highest aspects. These are just the energies that are about our world at the moment, seize it if you believe in it.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, mutable water. The chameleon that feels and adapts to the intuitive senses that surround them. Intuition is heightened with this Piscean energy, as are our dreams – so time to take note of what you dream of and what you are intuitively knowing and feeling. What direction are you being pointed in, the answers are always found when you stop to observe.

death. union. rebirth

Typically this energy feels deeply and relies on senses to communicate. For this reason I encourage you to tune within, for at times of such heightened energy like these it is often more rewarding to retreat within and seek a boost of energy, then to depend on the many, many intensified emotions felt among others. Make time to be quiet. The New Moon offers us a reminder to close the blinds and retreat to the darkness where new ideas are birthed and spur a change in the right direction.

This New Moon can equally be a dark time (Dark Moon) of great disruption and see many fighting in the depths of their shadows. Think of this time, particularly combined with the eclipse, as an open portal. This portal stirs up all that has been building in you (good and/or bad) sometimes culminating in a low that was unimaginable to reach. This is what signifies the death phase. Symbolic of the New Moon, rebirth is not possible without death. If you feel frustration, grief or depression, be with it for this time – but do not despair on linger for long – as the cycles of energy will shift again in due course. Find the courage to trust this energy – it is the greatest quality a woman innately possesses. Trust of the cycles.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse: A time of UNITY!

Remove yourself for the conditioned religious or patriarchal beliefs that this is a fearful time for humanity, a theme that mainstream media like to play with, steering the energies of our globe. I feel we have all come a long way from the times when this sort of event in the sky was seen as the end of time or a sign that the gods were angry. Our curiosity is awakening us to an inner knowing, the more people listen to and trust that inner knowing the less the projected fear will affect you.

Instead look at this cosmic phenomenon from a more holistic view, it is a cycle, like most of the stellar and cosmic events that we are becoming more intrigued by. It is the first eclipse of the year, the difference is what energy is this eclipse rousing in us? An eclipse is one of UNION. The ‘Luminaries’ (The Sun and Moon- as they are referred to in astrology), our points of light appear to merge as they cross paths. A moment of unification that symbolises the Yin and the Yang joining together: our night and day merge for a few moments (Peak Eclipse at 01:54 UT on the 9th March), the cool lunar light and the heat of sunlight kiss, the masculine and feminine representations unite, and of course our subtle energy coming together with physical energy.  What does this union mean to you?

Solar Eclipse

Some mystics refer to an eclipse as an open portal for energy between the dimensions of our consciousness and realms of our greater Universe to mingle. This is a time to listen, to observe and to awaken the curiosity of your Soul to this fusion of the Sun and Moon in dance. Who knows what it has in store for you if you don’t at least give yourself the time to be present in it. And perhaps that is the bigger message this energy forecast offers – make time to be aware and be inquisitive, tune in to something larger then you.

With the Solar Eclipse happening in Pisces it is calling for a union with our intuition – you know what that is why not listen to it? This also is calling forth an opportunity for a deep healing of old wounds the death of the old and planting the seed of what is to come. We find an opportunity may present itself to gain great wisdom from this intuitive connection to assist in our communication of who we dream of being. This all may sound a bit to floaty if intuition is not your thing – but the reality is forming a strong connection within is empowering on many levels. You may prefer call it instinct or knowing. Essentially it is a trust and confidence in yourself. Be empowered by this energy event.

Enjoy this energy!

Breathe it in, sit in a sacred space later where you can connect and unite the energies of this cosmic and celestial event with your own. Become more than just you and your current situation. Be present in nothing and in everything.