Venus Flow Yoga Video

Today we celebrate the Sun & Venus aligning. This sequence will open up to the fluid power of Venus and the beauty of movement.

This sequence opens the shoulders, heart and hips. While also building strength in your legs and core. Hold each pose for up to 5 breaths or flow one breath per pose and repeat x 3.

Start with an intention: I chose today: I open up to my inner power, my feminine beauty and I release my ego to be transmuted by the Light. I connect to the energy of Venus and the Sun and allow the harmony and balance to flood my being with new light.  (set whatever intention seems right for you – use mine, a variation of it or create your own. Tip: set a goal, offer thanks and let go of anything unwanted.)

Starting with 3 deep breaths, opening the arms and chest.


You can warm up with Sun Salutations first.


Start in Down Dog

Warrior 1 flow to Parsvottanasana variation x 3

Open Heart (clasp hands back) to Humble Warrior


Side Angle (option to bind)

Flying Dragon/Lizard Pose (shoulder behind calf, arms outstretched, hold ankle to modify) flow to Dragon on hands or forearms.

Twist open and flow to reach for back foot

Down Dog and repeat other side

End with Childs Pose or Savasana

Give Thanks at the end of your practice

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti



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