Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon 5th March 2015 – Virgo

The Mini-Moon. This year’s smallest Moon, or the Moon that is at the furthest distance from the Earth.

This ‘small Moon’ doesn’t lessen its impact or effect. Actually, you may feel that it is giving you space to feel its full power. Thankfully it is far away – any more intense energy now would be a large load to handle. Take this Full Moon period to actually embrace all that is, let it be. Let the fine details that are cropping up been acknowledged. Use this time to really focus on what it is you want to sort out and solve, what you want to resolve and restore. The Full Moon allows you to find this balance.

  • What information are your receiving that you want to take on board?

  • What do you want to ground into reality that before now has just been a dream?

  • How can you refine yourself to improve your situation? 

Some of you may be aware of a real stirring of late. (Read more >>Soul Upgrade). A time where emotions are resurfacing and requiring your attention. That the heart is purging old hurts, past emotions that still linger in you – now is a time to let them go. Let this go with ease, the time is right now.

Accepting this spring clean and how it is working its way through you is a pivotal initial stage. With all that is going on at the moment, this Full Moon comes along to assist in this clearing process. All Full Moons have a wonderful cleansing and releasing effect for us, but this one comes at a time you may really feel like you need it.

Observe the small things, watch out for the little details that are actually making a big difference. You are changing for the better, notice this and find gratitude for these little changes. Gratitude is a big part of the Moon energy, offer your thanks even for something small.  Appreciate its effect and allow this abundance of love to fill your heart.

Prepare yourself to be a little bit of a purist (Virgo) and turn this attention inwards. Be discerning, meticulous and follow through with your self-work, well-being and healing. Use this energy to actually complete the jigsaw puzzle (a stage in life) that you may be struggling with.

Let the Light of the Full Moon be your guide and use this in-depth and analytical time to figure things out, find a solution or a direction to point yourself in. 

This Full Moon>>


Firstly, Full Moon is a time to cleanse crystals. If you have crystals, lay them out in a grid and let them be cleared and recharged by the light of the Full Moon.

I recommend a crystal healing with grounding stones (green, black, red – dark colours) like Jaspers, Aventurine (green is best), and Hematite mixed with Clear Quartz or Selenite (white or clear colours) to enhance the Virgo energy and ground this Lunar clearing. Lie down and place crystals at your feet (darkest colour or heaviest stones), clear stones or white crystals either side of your temples and one or two at your centre – along your torso.


Yoga Poses:

Focus on cleansing twists to purge the heart and clear out your body. Your intuitive mind is intrinsically linked to your gut. To keep your mind pure and your intuition flowing twist your body to rinse out impurities.  This can also be seen as a spiralling of your body to draw energy down from above (either your mind or higher consciousness) to your base and to Earth. Be the Spiral Link of energy.


  • Seated Twist (Marichyasana)
  • Twisted Warrior or Side Angel (Parivrtta Parsvakonasana)
  • Twisted Chair Pose (Parivrtta Uttanasana)

Ground this Soul Upgrade with Tree Pose (opens the Heart Chakra and grounds the body -Base Chakra)

If you prefer do slower or softer yoga, Try:

  • Yin Variation, Twisted Roots – Reclined twist
  • Lying on your back, restorative baddha konasana


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