We are all Energy

We are energy. We are made up of cells and atoms. Atoms are the most basic unit of matter and form and an atom is made up of waves of energy. So we are made up of many waves of electrical energy or frequencies – sound, light, colour and vibration.

“Atoms are continually giving off and absorbing light and energy, all the time.”  (Source: http://www.lifetrainings.com/We-are-made-of-Energy-not-Matter.html )

We are not the only beings made up of energy, so are the things around us… therefore so is our world, our entire Universe. We can take this so so many levels, but to keep it simple all things are energy. Learn to master energy and you hold your world in your hands.

We are vibrating on our own frequency, so some energies are really comforting especially if they align with our energies, others are uncomfortable and can change our energy frequency if we let it. Our first lesson is observation of this change in frequency and then we can only control how we act or react to it.

You can look at this in many ways. Some like different frequencies, like surfing the radio through the channels and programs. Others know what they like and like to stay with their favorite channel. Both ways are good and no way is set in stone, because we are energetic beings we change all the time. So you may love LyricFM and that’s your favorite channel, but at lunch time you prefer NewsTalkFM and sometimes you listen to dance music ‘Freaks on Friday’ FM104 just to shake things up. You get my gist, right….

You have control of the channel you want to listen to and not everyone will like the same channel or program
as you. Some times when surfing the radio channels a new program will crop up and you will be intrigued, perhaps you stay on this channel and listen for a while, it will teach you something new. Sometimes you are rapid in your decision to change channels because it instantly wreaks your drive home buzz (or energy frequency) and you know what you d want to listen to.  Listen to what you want, and choose your channel for current mood.

Looking at your world as all things are energy, can answer many questions and can assist you through your journey. We are atoms and energy vibrating at various frequencies creating different patterns in which our sensory coding picks up and then we perceive this as an object, being or element. In a short conclusion we are all energy – Universal Energy, one is all the same, just vibrating at different frequencies and emitting different waves of energy.





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