Wedding Healthy

My wedding is the 31st August 2013 and I have been on the count down for some time now, but I know how I work and there was no way I was going to start a vigorous diet and regime too far from the date; mainly because I would break it and then feel guilty. I am pretty healthy anyway so I don’t need to diet, I just need to cut out my treats, I am a total chocoholic! My main reasons for this is so that my body is completely healthy and that my immune system doesn’t shut down if or when I get stressed. So now June is here, I have about 3 months to go, so I have started to up my vitamins and bought a juicer. I am a fan of juicing but I generally just did the odd juicing detox (Detox queen!) or bought one from Select Stores in Dalkey or The Punnet in Glenageary… plug to my local health food stores. So, now I have my very own juicer, I am juicing every day, if not twice a day. I get a real hit of all my essential vitamins and minerals, on top of my protein smoothies this keeps me full between meals and I snack less. Juices allow the body to absorb vitamins quickly into the blood stream and can really keep you in tip top health. Really it would be impossible to eat all those veggies in one day so by juicing I get the benefit without the overload on the digestive system. I am obviously eating too… I have a 3-4 small meals (I am a grazer). I am still a sucker for my morning porridge, but my hubby-to-be recommends mixing it up and trying scrambled eggs or salmon in the morning… Something I have not quite got my head around yet, but may give it a go closer to the date!

Dreaming of a white wedding


My practice was put to a halt a few weeks back when I had a big injury to my neck, those that know me well and attended my workshops; know that this was probably meant to slow me down, and to make time to reflect more- which it certainly gave me time to do. I went more into my meditation and it became more of a continuous practice, therefore being mindful during the day and isn’t that is the essence of what yoga is teaching us, I found it very beneficial. Now I am easing back into my full practice, mixing it up with a few styles, I still love my mysore Ashtanga practice, but I have been listening to what the body needs and sometimes it is a nice yin or restorative practice, but then the bride in me gets into a Solar Flow with lots of core work… Tee hee! So all in all I am really letting it flow for now, but I may start doing some weight training or these fab new TRX classes my fiancé’s company is running (TRX Dun Laoghaire) perfect to have you in shape for summer weather.

I am trying to stay calm for the lead up to the wedding, I have been pretty organised so that has helped. Again my meditation practice and drawing upon these tools help to keep out of the past or future, means I can pull myself out of a crazy stressful situation if I get there… no bridezilla moments yet….!

I will keep you updated on the wedding plans, and my next newsletter will be sent out after the wedding so I can fill you in on the Spiritual Ceremony and all those bits then.
For now though, I hope you all have a wonderful summer, whether you go travelling or stay here. I hope to see you in one of my classes or workshops, or for a private session.

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