What are your Patterns?

New Moon: March 1st 2014

Ah! I breathe a sigh of relief…. End of the week, end of the month.

The start of a new lunar phase and SPRING is in the air! (Well, its eternal summer here in Thailand, but you get me!)

Ghandi quoteI always love the feeling leading up to the New Moon, I have a surge of energy that helps to propel me forward. I get a load of tasks completed, and feel ready to take on more. It has been a complicated start to the year for me, one that had me test all that I practice and teach. But I have felt a big shift leading up to the New Moon and I have to say I am relieved.

I went back over situations, seeking what patterns I have set up in my life that need a rethink. What actions need to be taken and when I don’t need to act or strive but rather be and accept! Simply bringing awareness to what you put out, or how you approach life and recognising how long you have being doing that for, will make you understand how easy it is to stay stuck in a bad habit or how tough it is to keep a positive one going. Hard work does pay off!

This is an excellent exercise to do and even better in the lead up to the New Moon, why not do the same – check in with where you are and what do you want to bring into your life? Write out your patterns, and habits. Recognise what boundaries are being broken or not held on your end. (Remember we can only change ourselves, not others)

When you are aware of your patterns and catch yourself the next time, make a little change and do something more positive, it can be something really simple. When you change it once, and then the second time, then by the third, fourth, fifth time you catch yourself repeating your negative pattern it is much easier to quickly pull yourself up. Slowly you have created a positive pattern.

Start to put out a positive (action, thought or with your words) so you are met with more positives, they may be disguised at first but slowly as you build your new positive habits they become quite clear, all of these coincidences seem to link up…

Some of you are aware that I am penning a little book, up until now it has been about what I teach, but I recently started to write more of a personal story. I chronologically went back to the beginning and looked at my life so far. This has been an extremely therapeutic exercise and one I highly recommend. Even if it is just a bullet point form or lists of events. Look at it and find your patterns. And super fascinating when you link this to chakras and energy wellbeing! ;0)

With every New Moon comes a new beginning. Use it how you will, but know that when you do align with the universe and its planets it helps to get you where you want to go.

This New Moon is in Pisces. Be open to change, allow for movement and spontaneous adventure! Be and accept!

Happy New Beginning! Happy New Moon!


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